SOL, INJ, RNDR, CFX, STX Prices Surge with Bitcoin’s Bullish Momentum

SOL, INJ, RNDR, CFX, STX Prices Surge with Bitcoin's Bullish Momentum

The rapidly developing cryptocurrency market has garnered the interest of investors and speculators globally. Bitcoin and Ethereum’s prices are currently hovering close to their yearly highs and also other altcoins like RNDR, CFX, STX, INJ, and Solana are also performing well in the bullish zone.

Bitcoin price hit $30K today, and the overall crypto market cap rose 4.57% to $1.24 trillion. Here are the top five gainers of 11 April.

Render Token increased by 17.3%

Price Chart of Render Token (RNDR)
Source: Tradingview

The price of Render Tokens (RNDR) has been rising for the past several days. As a result, the RNDR token became the top gainer of the day after registering a gain of 17.3%. Currently, the Render token is trading above the 20-day simple moving average while the RNDR/USDT pair is trading at $1.53. However, the price action remains under the ascending triangle pattern and the RSI is indicating an impending breakout.

Conflux (CFX) Price became the Second Top Gainer

Price Chart of Conflux (CFX)
Source: Tradingview

Conflux, the 59th-ranked cryptocurrency by Coinmarketcap, became the second top gainer of the day. On April 10, the CFX price broke the bearish trend line and registered 14% overnight gains when the currency price sits at the $0.4267 mark. Interestingly, CFX is holding above the all-important Simple Moving Average, which makes it a bullish digital asset.

The Price of the Stacks also Skyrocketed

Price Chart of Stackes (STX)
Source: Tradingview

At the time of writing, Stacks (STX) price is trading at the $0.9408 mark against the USDT pair rising over 13%. As reported earlier, STX broke above the $1.0 level of the ideological wave but investors failed to sustain that level. Once again, STX price is moving towards the $1.0 mark, however, the bulls struggle to push the price above the 20-day simple moving average. 

Injective Price also High by 10%

Price Chart of Injective Native Token (INJ)
Source: Tradingview

INJ, the native token of Injective crypto, reached a latest 52-week high of $6.45 on April 11. INJ is currently trading at $6.31 with an 11% overnight gain and a 7% weekly gain. So far the technical indicators are supporting a more bullish trend till the $7.5 mark as the RSI is slowly moving towards the overbought zone.

Solana Price influenced by Bulls after a long time 

Solana (SOL) Price Chart
Source: Tradingview

Solana also ranked among the top five gainers of the day on April 11. Solana’s native token SOL is trading at $22.32 after breaking through a narrow range in the intraday trading session. SOL registered a gain of 10.4% in the last 24 hours. The aggressive buying pressure pushed Solana’s price above its 20-day simple moving average.

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