Social App ‘Alpha’ Emerges As on Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s version of is joined by users with hundreds of thousands of followers on X.
Social App ‘Alpha Emerges As on Bitcoin

Alpha, a newly launched decentralized social app on the Bitcoin ecosystem enables alike functionalities. 

Launched on September 16, Alpha lets users tokenize their network and online presence. Interested users can buy other accounts’ tokens to interact with them or gain exclusive access from the seller.

The application was launched by New Bitcoin City, an independent group of Bitcoin ecosystem developers. The member of New Bitcoin City and founder of Alpha, who goes by the pseudonym Punk3700, describes the project as “the next big leap in the world of social finance.” 

The developer founder said that Alpha’s tech-stack is not entirely based on Bitcoin as it utilizes ‘Optimistic Roll-up’ technology. It leverages a hybrid blockchain architecture with combined tech from Bitcoin, Polygon, and the novel development Trustless Computer.

As per Bitcoin City, Trustless Computer is a low-cost layer 2 infrastructure that is capable of enabling applications such as decentralized exchange (DEX), DAOs or NFT marketplace on Bitcoin. 

Alpha has acquired a significant user base within a couple of days of its launch. It is joined by users with hundreds of thousands of followers on X (Twitter).

With the novel idea of tokenizing social presence, became immensely popular among the crypto community with it becoming one of the largest fee and revenue-generating protocols within days of its launch.

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