Snoop Dogg’s ‘Snoopverse’ LAND sale fetched $14 million

Snoop Dogg has arrived in the metaverse with ‘Snoopverse LANDs auction’ in The Sandbox, which includes premium LANDs sale, exclusive NFTs, and more.
Snoop Dogg's 'Snoopverse' LAND sale fetched $14 million

In Brief:

  • Snoop Dogg entered in ‘The Sandbox’ metaverse with his ‘Snoopverse’ LANDs Sale.
  • The sale includes 122 LANDs, 67 premium LANDs along with exclusive NFTs, and three small estates. 
  • The sale has brought in around $14 million worth of revenue on the very first day.

Snoop Dogg’s arrival in the metaverse for ‘Snoopverse’ caused a flurry of excitement. To accompany him, he is bringing his friends for an epic bash.

The Sandbox, a metaverse giant, welcomed the new guests for the LANDs sale which began on December 2nd at 1 PM UTC for their last hurrah of 2021.

Last month, he also invited Fidenza NFT holders for his exclusive NFT NYC Party. He has been persistent in collecting and auctioning NFTs, and it appears that the metaverse is next on his list of things to explore.

The American rapper has begun delving into the metaverse with this upcoming LAND auction in The Sandbox metaverse. On December 2nd, the first wave of this ‘LAND sale’ took place, with a total of 122 LANDs and 67 premium LANDs being sold on The Sandbox’s map. Furthermore, three small ESTATES (3×3) are set to be auctioned on OpenSea.

As per The Sandbox’s tweet, the first phase of the Snoop Dogg land auction not only includes premium LANDs but also exclusive NFTs. Snoop Dogg has been building a virtual ‘mansion’ called ‘Snoopverse’, a multi-event set within The Sandbox metaverse. 

Snoopverse premium LANDs sale will be sold with a bundle of three exclusive Snoop Dogg branded NFTs including The Snoopverse Early Access Pass, The Snoop statue, and Brown Sugar car. 

The Snoopverse Early Access Pass allows all of the Snoopverse experiences before anyone else. Not only that, pass collectors will receive unique benefits and an entry into the world of Snoop Dogg. 

These early access passes are priced at 525 SAND Tokens each and are worth 3402 USD as per current market price. Out of a total 5000 passes, 4500 were listed for sale. On the first day of the auction, 4096 tickets have already been sold.

The Snoop statue is the biggest dog in the neighborhood as Snoop humorously calls himself the ‘biggest dog’. And to top it up, there is also the Brown Sugar car that goes from zero to style in less than 5 seconds, which NFT enthusiasts can add to their unique car collection!

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