Snoop Dogg’s ‘Decentral Eyes Dogg’ NFT on SuperRare Auctions for 188.8 ETH

The artwork is a portrait of Snoop Dogg created by collaging 10 different images of him, and also includes his popular signature soundtrack.
Snoop Dogg’s 'Decentral Eyes Dogg' NFT on SuperRare Auctions for 188.8 ETH

In Brief:

  • Snoop Dogg’s debut animated-audio NFT ‘Decentral Eyes Dogg’ auctioned off in 188.8 ETH on SuperRare.
  • This artwork was created and conceptualized by Coldie.
  • The NFT is a looping animated-audio portrait of Snoop Dogg that includes his well-known signature music.

Snoop Dogg’s debut on SuperRare with his animated NFT ‘Decentral Eyes Dogg’ caused a stir among NFT fans. Today on its last day of the auction, the NFT sold off for a whopping 188.8 ETH. 

By bidding in the last hour, @888thevault outbid everyone. The price of NFT was at $744,429.58 when the winning bid was placed, based on the market value of ETH at the time.

Snoop’s delight for his first-ever animated audio NFT on SuperRare, was expressed in a tweet, in which he shouted for the final countdown in his own hilarious fashion, adding, “I’m def going to roll 1 up for the winner.”

He released his NFT in collaboration with Coldie, an award-winning mixed-media artist. ‘Decentral Eyes Dogg’ is conceptualized and created by Coldie, and Snoop recorded new audio exclusively to pepper this artwork with ‘Snoop-touch’. 

Coldie has also been super active tweeting about this fun and experimental NFT. 

This piece is a looping NFT portrait of Snoop Dogg created by collaging 10 different pictures of his face throughout his life into a fresh decentralized portrait animation. 

His hip-hop royalty is represented by the purple area. The halftone and grunge effect on his left eye specifically refer to his status as an OG in the game, while the Doggstyle overtones call attention to his groundbreaking debut release.

To top this up, the artwork displayed at NFT Now as well as Christie’s trade show “The Gateway” during Miami Art Week on Dec 3. It has also been shown at the Flagler Street Art Festival as a part of the “SuperRare Monolith” during Miami Art Weet between Tuesday and Sunday. No wonder this signature Snoop NFT has been a hot topic of the town! 

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