Snoop Dogg Unveils the First All Ape Mixtape Only for $APE Holders

Snoop Dogg’s NFT mixtape collection comprises four tracks titled “FOOLIN YASELF”, “THA GREAT”, “MY APE” and “DOCK THE YACHT”.
Snoop Dogg Unveils the First All Ape Mixtape Only for $APE Holders

The hip-hop legend and top NFT influencer Snoop Dogg drops the ‘1st all Ape mixtape’ only for the $APE holders.

Snoop’s mixtape NFT collection consists of four tracks. Even though there are about 22 hours left for the sale to end at the time of writing, all of the tracks were sold out in a flash upon the drop.

The first track in the collection ‘FOOLIN YASELF’ performed by Snoop himself is priced at 20 APE. It is produced by Jelly Roll & Dr. Bombay.

The second track of the mixtape is titled ‘THA GREAT.’ Snoop Dogg’s son Champ Medici is the artist behind this track which is priced at 15 APE. THA GREAT is produced by Obi Wan Kanobby.

‘MY APE’ is listed as the third track performed by Champ Medici, October London, We$, and Spottie WiFi. The track is priced at 15 APE.

The fourth and final track in the mixtape NFT collection is ‘DOCK THE YACHT’ performed by Champ Medici featuring Snoop Dogg. This one is also priced at 15 APE.

The collection is also available on OpenSea for its secondary market sale. Currently, the floor price of the set is 0.2 ETH.

Snoop Dogg takes no break from doing collaborations related to NFTs and is dropping multiple collections back-to-back. And this definitely is not Snoop’s first NFT mixtape set. Snoop released a mixtape NFT collection and EDM NFT collection on OpenSea for the first time at the start of this month. He later went on to drop Death Row Mix: Vol 1 NFT collection in the music NFT startup platform

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