Snoop Dogg Acquires Deekay’s ‘Life and Death’ NFT for $1 million

‘Life and Death’ emerges as the mastery of animation, sound and story all power-packed in 30 seconds, portraying a bitter-sweet human life cycle.
Snoop Dogg Acquires Deekay’s ‘Life and Death’ NFT for $1 million

Snoop Dogg, famous for his NFT hoarding obsession, has added yet another NFT to his growing collection of digital arts. The news broke out straight from his NFT dedicated Twitter handle Cozomo de’ Medici, flexing his latest acquisition of ‘Life and Death’ NFT by animator DeeKay. 

With this acquisition, DeeKay has marked his first $1 million sale.

The Doggfather has high hopes for this NFT which he bought for $1 million or 310 ETH. He even described it as a work of art that can move your heart and shake your soul, which is undeniably true. 

DeeKay Motions has beautifully portrayed the human life cycle, the way we mortal beings choose to spend our life only to meet inevitable death in the end. Hence the name ‘Life and Death’ is self-explanatory.

What really impressed the crypto community is the way he managed to make one’s entire life story within 30 seconds of animation. Certainly, this NFT can stir bitter-sweet emotions, conspiring hope and anxiety to seep through our minds at the same time.

This powerful 1/1 NFT is bringing the focus back to art itself with its appealing storytelling through full-motion and sound effects. While the current state of NFT is certainly “pfp mania”, and everyone is coming down to stack money through NFTs, ‘Life and Death’ has emerged as the art that’s resonating with everyone who sets their eyes upon it.

DeeKay also confessed that he was losing confidence in 1/1 seeing the craze concentrating only on pfp mania. “Pfp felt too focused on the money, and much less on the art. That’s not what I want NFT to be. It always needs to be about art first,” he added. 

Undoubtedly, Snoop, who is known for his insatiable appetite for pfps, has come forward supporting 1/1 NFT pieces for people to recognize art like this as well.

Mentioning NFT artist XCOPY whose NFT he bought for $7 million, Snoop said – “But when you stumble across an @XCOPYART, a @fewocious, a @deekaymotion, that’s when one realizes the true power DIGITAL art can have, beyond any traditional art they have ever seen before.”

Well, Snoop has added another most important work in the Medici Collection, and in the coming days, we might see 1/1 art getting the appreciation it deserves in the community.

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