Sky Mavis Plans to Become a ‘zero-trust’ Organization

Sky Mavis also updated users on the development of the Ronin Bridge and a potential timeframe for its redeployment.
Sky Mavis Plans to Become ‘zero-trust’ Organization

In a recent blogpost, Sky Mavis, the creator of the Axie Infinity game has revealed its future security roadmap and its plan to become a ‘zero-trust’ organization. The roadmap comes in light of the recent $600 million attack on the Ronin network.

Following the attack, the company has announced that it will become a “fully antifragile, zero-trust organization”. A zero-trust security model authorizes and verifies every connection, thereby increasing the security exponentially.

Sky Mavis has employed two cyber surveillance firms CrowdStrike and Polaris Infosec to review and monitor their internal forensics and security.

Another significant change in the security feature is that Sky Mavis has expanded its validator nodes to 11 from the 9 that were present during the attack. In the next three months, a total of 21 nodes will be established with a plan to expand to 100 nodes in the long-term.

Sky Mavis has also launched a Bug Bounty program wherein it will offer bounties of upto $1 million to expose any security vulnerabilities of the network.

Sky Mavis updated users on the reopening of the Ronin Bridge, which has been delayed from April end to mid/late May. The status of the bridge is as such:

  • 80% of the Ronin Bridge contracts have been updated.
  • The reworking of the bridge’s backend is in progress.
  • A validator dashboard that allows for approving large transactions and adding/removing new validators is being designed.

All the pending withdrawals will be migrated to the network after its redeployment.

The Ronin network was attacked on March 23 by hackers which resulted in a loss of $600 million. The hackers took over five of the nine validator nodes of the network enabling them to transfer the money. 

On April 15, the FBI held the North Korean hacker group responsible for this attack. Eventually, Sky Mavis raised $150 million in a funding round to reimburse users who lost money in the attack. The funding round was led by Binance, Animoca Brands, a16z, Dialectic, and Paradigm.

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