SIM-Swap Scammer Yahya Involved in $4.5M Crypto Heist

The SIM-swap scammer received more than 390 ETH for being involved and to do lookups for twitter accounts.
SIM swap Scammer Yahya Involved in 4.5M Crypto Heist

A Canadian scammer known as Yahya has been reportedly involved in over 17 SIM-swap attacks and he has helped in stealing more than $4.5 million of crypto assets. 

Onchain analyst ZachXBT shared a detailed report and highlighted that Yahya was part of a scammer team that had successfully hacked millions of crypto assets from different victims including Peter Schiff, Bitboy, and several others.

According to ZachXBT, Yahya’s job was to do Twitter account Lookups – a technique to obtain user information from domain name or IP address – so that the scammer Skenkir could find targets within the US. In exchange, he was receiving a certain percentage of stolen funds. 

An address belonging to him received more than 390 ETH, approximately $720k, for being involved in over 17 SIM-swap attacks. The funds include a number of victims including NFT collection GutterCatGang team, crypto influencer Bitboy, Crypto platform SingleShot, PleasrDAO and a dozen of others. 

SIM-Swap Attacks - ZachXBT
SIM-Swap Attacks – ZachXBT

Yahya has received enormous amounts of funds just for doing lookups which he described as getting effortlessly. He was previously associated with Benzinga and other crypto publications.

Yahya has invested a substantial sum of money in purchasing watches, as well as unreleased Juice WRLD songs like “Dark Tints,” “Biscotti in the Air,” “Oxy in the Dark,” and “No Jumper.” 

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