Shibarium Re-Opened Fund Withdrawals on its Bridge to Ethereum

Shibarium Re-Opened Fund Withdrawals on its Bridge to Ethereum

The pseudonym Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi Kusama has announced in a recent blogpost that Shibarium has been reopened and is now operating well on the mainnet. 

The announcement says that the bridge to transfer assets from Ethereum and vice-versa is working now. The developer claims that Shibarium has accumulated more than 65,000 wallets and over 350,000 transactions. 

It said that by design, the Shib, Leash, WEth withdrawals from the bridge could take 45 minutes to 3 hours, whereas its native token BONE could take up to 7 days.

The Shibarium team has also written a thank you note to the Polygon team, which provided additional resources and helped bring back the network live. 

Due to the massive influx of transactions, which the team did not expect, the deficient lunch of Shibarium put a halt to transfers of funds, and the team closed the network to the public. 

The reopening of the bridge comes after the Shibarium team announced on August 22 that the network is ready to relaunch.

“Now that we’ve proven that all funds are safu (as we said), and that Shibarium is ready for prime time, we will reopen our channels,” said the developer.

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