Scammers Hack PwC Venezuela Twitter & Promote XRP Giveaway

Scammers Hack PwC Venezuela Twitter & Promote XRP Giveaway

On September 04, the twitter account of PwC Venezuela was hacked to promote the cryptocurrency XRP giveaway.

Around 2:13 AM UTC, the Twitter account started tweeting links to a website pretending to represent the company Ripple and also claiming to give away a huge amount of XRP to pull out an obvious scam. It has consistently posted the specific link 14 times.

Hack PwC Venezuela Twitter Account

The tweet had apparently promoted “a big event” with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Further, just like a typical scam strategy, victims are requested to send an amount of crypto and are promised that they will receive more in return, only to be scammed.

PwC Venezuela’s Twitter account has 37,100 followers, which is considerably smaller than the accounting firm’s main account having 189,200 followers.

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