Scammers Clone Blockworks, Etherscan Website To Drain Crypto

Attackers tried to spread fake news about the Uniswap approval exploit and persuade users to visit the fake Etherscan website.
Cloned Blockworks and Etherscan websites were used to spread fake Uniswap news and persuade users in an attempt to drain their wallets.

Crypto scammers always surprise people with their flabbergasting tricks to drain user wallets. 

In the latest case, the not-so-ordinary scammers cloned popular crypto media company Blockwork’s website to spread fake news and profit out of it with a wallet drained. 

Blockworks clone website
Blockworks clone website

The fake Blockworks website displayed false breaking news of multimillion dollar “approvals exploit” on Uniswap and encouraged users to visit Etherscan to rescind approvals. 

The Etherscan website was, however, also a phishing site that was set up to drain funds from wallets as soon as users interacted. The drainer smart-contract was designed to attack wallets with at least 0.1 Ethereum (ETH), but luckily it has not executed even once due to an incorrect setup. 

Scammers shared the fake Uniswap news on Reddit via several crypto related subreddits to persuade users. 

Fake Uniswap news - Reddit 
Fake Uniswap news – Reddit 

Both websites were registered just a couple of days ago and are currently being taken down.

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