Sam Bankman Manifests Controlling Overdue Crypto Miners in Future

After signing the deal with BlockFi, Sam Bankman “taking over in-debt crypto miners to aid the crypto industry”.
Sam Bankman Manifests Controlling Overdue Crypto Miners in Future

With the Bitcoin mining MNCs going through a dismayed period, Sam Bankman Fried, the co-founder of FTX US  is planning to take over troubled crypto firms to curb the bear market.

He further expressed his desire to make his strong foothold into the crypto industry.

Bankman Fried acted as a saviour during the last crypto meltdown, as Alameda research, his trading firm provided credit lines to Voyager Digital Ltd.

FTX announced its plan to acquire BlockFi in a $240 million deal. It also launched a $400 million credit facility with the crypto lender Blockfi.

Sam bankman also stated,“When we think about the mining industry, they do play a little bit of role in the possible contagion spread, to the extent that there are miners that were collateralizing borrows with their mining rigs.”

Bankman-Fried further mentioned in an interview that there might come along a really attractive opportunity for the firm. As a result, he certainly doesn’t want to discount that possibility.

The current bear market has made it difficult for crypto miners to generate capital. This is the reason why he wishes to pay over the lending debt over their generous expansion for the last two years. Bankman had previously warned of insolvency of some crypto firms because of the recent crypto collapse.

Loans that have been accounting upto $4 billion in turn have caused crypto mining equipment to be under scrutiny. This is due to their values being subsequently dropped by about 50% since last November, when the crypto markets were at their peaks.

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