Ripple CTO Enters Intense Debate Over XRPL Clawback Feature

The recently proposed clawback feature faces criticism from the crypto community as it opposes the ethos of security and decentralization.
Ripple CTO Enters Intense Debate Over XRPL Clawback Feature

David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, has had an intense conversation with a Twitter user over Ripple’s recently proposed feature. 

The topic of the matter is the newly proposed Clawback feature on October 2, which introduces a capability for XRPL issuers to claw back assets from a holder. 

While presenting his views on the proposal, a Twitter user named Chris Thomposon criticized Clawback, saying that it is a gross feature that takes user security away. He said that the holder’s signature needs to be required to move assets from their wallet. 

“If you freeze an asset, you force the 2 parties to come to a resolution, if you can’t then the parties can go to court,” Chris said.

Ripple CTO replied to Chris by adding that he did not understand the objection. He said that both clawbacking and freezing funds require the asset issuer to interfere. 

The debate went on and on, with both crypto advocates putting forth their assertions and clarifications while being joined by several other users. 

The conversation got intense as the CTO was viewing Clawback from an issuer’s point of view while others who were criticizing the feature were stating their user-side perspective.

Schwartz strongly favored Clawback and argued that it could not necessarily be a disadvantage for users, as they could face even worse outcomes without it.

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