Ringers #109 NFT of The Art Blocks Curated Sold for 2100 ETH

The sale has made Ringere #109 NFT the most expensive NFT of the ART Blocks Curated project.
Ringers #109 NFT of the Curated Art Blocks sold for 2100ETH

In Brief: 

  • Ringer #109 has become the most expensive sold Art blocks Curated
  • The seller bought the NFT for $220 only,
  • The return on NFT is 3.2M%, in 6 months.

An unknown collector just bought Ringers #109 NFT for 2100 ETH. At the current market price of Ethereum, the value of NFT is $7 million. 

The sale has made Ringers #109 NFT the most expensive NFT of the ART Blocks project. Prior to this Ringer #879 was the most expensive NFT sold on 28th August. It is now on the list of the top 5 most expensive NFTs.

NarcissusGLRY co-founder, AKIRA disclosed themselves as the seller on Twitter. He had bought the NFT for only $230 in march. With the sale, he made a 3.2M% return in just 6 months. He also congratulated everyone involved.

The NFT was sold on OpenSea. Looking at the transaction, OpenSea also got a cut of 210 ETH from the sale.

Ringers NFT project is part of the Curated Art BLOCKS. Recently, many of the NFT marketplaces have started promoting curated arts block projects. The Famous Auction house Christie’s also added them into their Post War to present auction.

Ringes#109 is a normal-sized ringer NFT with 11 traits. It has a White body and additional red color which is a unique trait found only in 0.31% NFTs. The NFT has also rare traits like balanced wrap orientation and the wrap style is Loop. 

With the Recent Boom in the NFT ecosystem, more and more NFTs will come out and surprise us more. The NFTs are in trend will remain in times to come.

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