RFK Jr. Leaves Democrats, Runs For President as Independent

Kennedy was a strong critic of the Federal Reserve’s FedNow instant payment system.
RFK Jr. Leaves Democrats, Runs for President as Independent

Pro-crypto candidate for the United States presidency Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made an announcement on October 9 at a rally in Philadelphia. 

He decided to drop his candidacy from the Democratic primary and instead run as an independent candidate, “I’m here to declare myself an independent candidate,” he said.

Kennedy has always been in favor of crypto and he stated that his administration’s goal was to make America the global hub of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin.

Back in July, Kennedy had revealed his plans to support the US dollar by linking it to valuable assets like gold, silver, platinum, and Bitcoin.

He compared it to a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and expressed concerns on Twitter. He argued that CBDCs could lead to financial control and political oppression, suggesting a risk that they could be used to ban and confiscate Bitcoin. 

In response, the US Federal Reserve Board launched a public campaign to clarify the differences between FedNow and a CBDC.

Kennedy had been hinting at his decision for several days. The super PAC (political action committee) backing him, called American Values 2024, shared polling data on October 2, claiming that it demonstrated he would be the strongest independent candidate in modern U.S. election history, with the support of 19% voters. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump had 38% support each.

In the 2024 presidential race, hundreds of independent candidates have announced their candidacy, but very few of them have gained significant attention. The only remaining challenger to President Biden within the Democratic Party is now the writer Marianne Williamson.

Kennedy was closely connected to the Democratic Party. However, RFK Jr.’s stances on different topics, like his disapproval of vaccines, have distanced him from the mainstream views of the party and even his own family.

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