Renowned crypto analyst Ali predicts short-term correction ahead of major Bitcoin bull run

Crypto Market Has 'Huge' Growth Ahead: Dan Gambardello 

According to crypto expert Ali, the current crypto market rally is a “disbelief” rally that will soon face a price correction before entering into a major bull run.

In a recent social media post, Ali asserted that the market is following the classic Wall Street Cheat Sheet cycle, which predicts that the current rally will be met with skepticism and a bearish pullback. However, Ali expects this to be a brief retracement phase before prices surge much higher.

While Ali cautions that Bitcoin could drop to $30,000–$35,000 in the near-term correction, he does not foresee prices falling much lower. The analyst predicts that after this brief pullback phase, the market will transition into a state of hope and optimism, energizing the long-anticipated Bitcoin bull run.

Many investors seem to agree with Ali’s analysis, noting they look forward to buying the dip ahead of the next major leg up in the Bitcoin price.

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