Rapper Nelly’s X Account Got Hacked, Used For Phishing Scam

Hackers altered Nelly’s twitter account into a Scam Sniffer representative to make people believe it was genuine.
Rapper Nelly’s X Account Got Hacked, Used For Phishing Scam

The X (twitter) account of American rapper Nelly was compromised on October 18 with the hacker altering profile and sharing phishing links to users. 

The hacker took over Nelly’s account and made it look like a representative of Scam Sniffer, a web3 security firm. Later, the hacker sent messages to users on X to lead them onto a phishing website.

Onchain analyst ZachXBT shared that Nelly’s twitter account is compromised and cited the amended profile which is now deleted or disabled from the social media platform.

Scam Sniffer shared a post saying that it’s not associated with them and urged users to visit its website in such situations.

Users were asked to check their wallet approval compromises which could easily be trusted as it seems the Scam Sniffer team is involved in the matter. This was essentially in an attempt to steal funds by making users sign malicious transactions.

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