Subreddit r/CryptoCurrency MODs Accused Of MOON Insider Trading

A crypto analyst claims that MODs sold their MOON tokens before Reddit’s public announcement of winding down Community Points.
Subreddit r/CryptoCurrency MODs Accused of MOON Insider Trading

The popular crypto subreddit, r/CryptoCurreny’s moderators are accused of selling MOON tokens on insider information.

A crypto analyst, Pledditor shared the post revealing that r/CryptoCurrency moderators sold their MOON tokens before the public announcement of Reddit winding down community points on October 17.

Pledditor claims that MOON price dropped nearly 22% minutes before the official public announcement. 

The post stated that three moderators u/Mcgillby, u/rider_of_the_storm and u/IHaventEvenGotADog combined sold their MOON holding on insider information in different transactions. It also shares that some of the moderator selling took place immediately after the announcement. 

Pledditor also stated proof that moderators were informed about Reddit’s decision an hour before. 

MOD Announcement - r/CryptoCurrency Subreddit 
MOD Announcement – r/CryptoCurrency Subreddit

According to Coinmarketcap data, MOON is currently down more than 80% compared to its pre-announcement price.

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