Queen Elizabeth II NFT Artworks Flood into OpenSea

Queen Elizabeth II NFT Artworks Flood into OpenSea

Soon after the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death circulated at lightning speed, NFT artworks portraying the Queen flooded the OpenSea. The leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has listed thousands of NFTs since the news broke out. 

The listed NFTs feature everything from photographs of Queen Elizabeth to art pieces associated with popular NFT collections. For instance, RIP The Queen Official has over 8,000 NFTs from which buyers can choose different variations of pictures of the queen. 

Not only NFTs, but crypto degens in no time overwhelmed the crypto market with over 40 new Queen-related meme tokens such as Queen Elizabeth Inu, Queen, Save the Queen, QueenDoge, Rip Queen Elizabeth, and London Bridge is Down among many others. 

Amid the overflow of NFTs and tokens, QueenE DAO collection has seen a remarkable spike in demand and price of its NFTs. To celebrate her life’s historic moments, Queen Elizabeth II NFT tribute Project hosted the final auction.

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