Qredo Launches Upgraded Self-Custody Wallet

Qredo’s upgraded self-custody wallet: affordable and accessible to institutional and individual users, according to COO Josh Goodbody.
Qredo Launches Upgraded Self-Custody Wallet

Qredo introduces enhanced self-custody wallets for institutional crypto traders, offering a secure and cost-effective open-source solution to hold digital assets independently.

Qredo’s new version utilizes multi-party computation (MPC) technology, providing enhanced control over permissions, approval processes, ensuring improved security and team management.

Qredo’s Chief Operating Officer, Josh Goodbody, highlights the increasing importance of having full control over digital assets and identifies a market gap for an open-source, on-chain custody system that is affordable, in response to recent incidents with centralized crypto platforms.

Qredo has established itself as a leading provider of custody and wallet solutions, serving a diverse user base of over 85,000 globally, including 350 institutional and corporate clients, facilitating significant monthly asset movements totaling over $4 billion.

Qredo’s introduction of enhanced self-custody wallets reflects a timely response to the growing demand for the secure and independent management of digital assets, catering to the needs of institutional crypto traders and addressing market requirements for an affordable open-source solution.

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