Polygon’s 13-Member Council For Smart Contract Oversight

The Protocol Council necessitates a 7 out of 13 member consensus with a 10-day standard approval period for changes.
Polygon's 13-Member Council for Smart Contract Oversight

The prominent Ethereum scaling platform, Polygon Labs, has introduced a new initiative, PIP-29, to establish the Protocol Council.

This council, consisting of 13 influential members, will oversee crucial changes to Polygon’s technology, with a focus on ensuring the security and smooth operation of smart contracts.

Notable individuals such as ZachXBT, Mudit Gupta, Viktor Bunin, Zaki Manian, Anthony Sassano and others have been selected to serve on the council. Their primary responsibility is to oversee modifications to Polygon’s smart contracts.

To make changes, the council will require approval from at least 7 out of the 13 members, with a 10-day waiting period for most alterations. In urgent situations, 10 out of the 13 members can make immediate changes.

This approach to implementing changes differs from the typical community voting process on Polygon. It has been put in place to ensure the technology remains secure and can be updated when necessary.

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