PEPE Whale Who Made $2.3M In Profit Buys PEPE Again

The whale returns to the market after accumulating a total of $2.3M in profit last month as being the earliest PEPE buyer.
PEPE Whale Who Made 2.3M In Profit Buys PEPE Again

One of the earliest PEPE whale that profited with over $2.3 million has once again entered the market by purchasing another 875 billion PEPE tokens.

The whale has acquired $644k of PEPE tokens in a latest transaction on September 28 by swapping 390 ETH for 875 billion PEPE on Uniswap. It also purchased over 1 billion PEPE tokens exactly a month ago on August 29.

Whale buys PEPE - DeBank
Whale buys PEPE – DeBank

The whale purchased 2.43 trillion PEPE tokens on April 14 with just 0.03 ETH or approximately $60. It was one of the earliest buys in the memecoin mania that turned the initial $60 capital into $2.3 million as PEPE soared to record highs.

Whale later sent 500B PEPE to MEXC on May 2 and swapped nearly 40B PEPE in exchange for over 31 ETH on July 21. 

It later sold the entire PEPE stake with accumulating a profit of 1,010 ETH or $1.6 million in late August, as per DeBank data.

According to market data from Coinmarketcap, PEPE has risen over 12% in the past 24 hours while up 30% compared to its 7 days price momentum. 

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