Paraguay’s DAS Recovers 300 Stolen Bitcoin Mining Rigs

Paraguay's DAS Recovers 300 Stolen Bitcoin Mining Rigs

In a gripping turn of events, Paraguay’s Anti-Kidnapping Department (DAS) has successfully recovered 300 Bitcoin mining rigs that were stolen from a farm in the province of Alto Paraná. This impressive feat follows an intensive operation carried out by a dedicated law enforcement agency as per stated in local media, named Portalo do Bitcoin.

The audacious theft took place back in April when a group of assailants, numbering about a dozen, executed a meticulously planned attack on the farm, overpowering its manager and making off with 492 Bitcoin miners. The brazen criminals managed to connect the stolen mining rigs to power outlets and the internet, keeping them fully operational and concealed from the prying eyes of authorities.

However, Paraguay’s indomitable DAS refused to be outwitted. After weeks of tireless investigation, they successfully traced the stolen equipment to a commercial property in the town of Presidente Franco. In a daring raid this month, the law enforcers stormed the location, rescuing the 300 recovered mining rigs along with several cellular devices, firearms, and ammunition. The decisive operation resulted in the arrest of one individual, who now faces charges of aggravated assault.

Despite this triumphant breakthrough, the authorities are still on the hunt for the remaining 192 mining rigs. Undeterred, the DAS remains steadfast in its mission to ensure justice is served and every last piece of stolen equipment is accounted for.

The shocking incident has shed light on Paraguay’s growing reputation as a crypto and BTC mining hotspot. In recent years, the nation’s abundance of hydroelectric power has attracted a significant number of miners, particularly Asian pools seeking to relocate from China. Despite initial resistance from the nation’s President, politicians in Paraguay have been pushing to embrace the mining industry since 2021, recognizing the potential economic benefits it can bring to the country.

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The recovery of the stolen Bitcoin mining rigs marks a pivotal moment for Paraguayan law enforcement, demonstrating their determination to protect the burgeoning Crypto sector from criminal activities. As the investigation continues and the search for the remaining mining rigs persists, the authorities remain resolute in their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for miners and investors alike.

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