PAK Unveils Suspense Regarding Censored NFT Collection

When the Clock timer linked to Assange days in the prison will be set to Zero, Censored NFTs will become free to transfer.
Pak suspense of Censored NFTs

The digital artist, PAK, known for his unique NFT collection since the launch of “Merge”. Now, he came up with some twists for his upcoming “Censored” NFT collection. 

The latest tweet by Pak answered many questions regarding Censored NFTs that can be mint at any cost. These NFT holders can customize their NFTs with any message. However, currently, these NFTs are not allowed to sell or transfer on the other wallet and secondary market such as OpenSea. 

Now Pak unveils suspense behind Censored NFTs linked to the Clock NFT, which is counting the days of Julain Assange in prison. He said that Censored NFTs will be free when the Clock is set to zero. That means when Julian will be released from Jail.

Currently, the messages are covered with a black label.

The Censored collection is curated by Pak in collaboration with Julian Assange, who is currently behind bars in London since 2019. He was accused of violating international law by hacking government computers. 

Assange supporters believe that he was falsely dragged behind bars by the Government after revealing the truth of many popular faces.

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