P2E Game Crabada to Launch on Swimmer Network

Following Swimmer Network launch the next event is The Great Crabada Migration on May 13th, and Battle Game Mode launch on May 15th.

The play-to earn game Crabada is set to launch on Swimmer Network on May 9th, 2022 after the game’s successful launch on the Swimmer testnet last month.

Swimmer Network is a gaming-specific blockchain that is built on Avalanche network’s existing infrastructure and security.

Crabada is a P2E game set in a universe populated by fierce battling Hermit-Crabs known as Crabada, the NFTs. Mining, looting, breeding, combat, exploring, crafting, and more will help players find the affluent old kingdom of Crabada and gain prizes.

The Swimmer Network’s gas token will be $TUS, and a portion of the network fees will be burned. The Fee-Cover Model is the significant innovation of the Swimmer Network.

The Fee-Cover model decreases onboarding friction by allowing players to play games without initially needing to obtain gas tokens.

Almost 1.25M $CRA has been set aside for 2022 as a part of Swimmer Network Ecosystem Grants. It is set for community developers, community contributors, and new games.

With the switch to Swimmer Network, players can save up to 85% on their operational expenditures, and a part of network fees will also be burned. 

The initial burn rate is expected to be 25% of all network fees, with the percentage gradually increasing to 80% as the network grows.

Swimmer network validators must run an Avalanche Node and stake $CRA on a time-lock validator contract for the period of validation.

Validators will collect the remaining network fees based on the weight of their staked $CRA after burning. The initial validator set will consist of reliable partners who share Swimmer Network’s long-term vision.

After the launch on Swimmer Network the next event is the ‘The Great Crabada Migration’ on May 13th, and Battle Game Mode Launch on May 15th.

After the Crabada migration, the Idle-Game and Marketplace will no longer be available on C-Chain.

To continue playing the Crabada Idle-Game or access the Crabada Marketplace, players must bridge their assets from the Avalanche C-Chain to the Swimmer Network.

The Idle Game was featured as part of the Swimmer Network Testnet Alpha Launch, which took place on March 4th. Players were given the option to test the Fee-Cover Model and assist in the discovery of any faults prior to the Great Crabada Migration.

Crabada also introduced the Looting Point System last month. Looting Points will now be required to initiate looting missions, and looting points can be earned through mining expeditions.

Also with Looting Point System, a player’s maximum efficiency is reduced by 44.13%, essentially closing the reward-gap ratios, and addressing reward disparity that occured before the update.

Play-to-Earn games are all the rage these days with NFTs and crypto gaining traction in the gaming industry. Last week Yield Guild Games Partner Ola GG raised $8M for the creation of Spanish-language educational content, to acquire NFTs and to multiply the acquisition of P2E gaming in the U.S, Latin America and Spain.

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