OpenSea Users Targeted in Alleged Phishing Scheme

August OpenSea NFT Sales Slump Affects Ethereum and Polygon

Social media platform X was abuzz on Nov. 14 after a post by WuBlockchain claimed that multiple users had received phishing emails disguised as “Opensea official.” These emails offered recipients NFTs in an attempt to steal their information and assets. 

OpenSea has warned in the past that user emails and developer API keys could be compromised in supplier attacks. On Nov. 13, OpenSea stated “There’s no hack” and cautioned users about clicking unfamiliar links.  

The phishing allegations come on the heels of the Nov. 3 layoffs announced by OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer regarding significant job cuts. 

Finzer characterized the job cuts as part of a total reevaluation of “operating culture, product, and tech.” This overhaul is considered a key step for “OpenSea 2.0” as the NFT marketplace leader tries to solidify its position. However, the purported phishing scam has distracted from OpenSea’s revamp and raised more questions about platform security.

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