Nude Yoga Girl Pursuits From An Ordinary Sunday Yoga Session to NFTs


Since 2015, the anonymous model and photographer simply known as Nude Yoga Girl has been posting naked self-portraits on Instagram. Most of these photos show her in the midst of a difficult yoga pose, carefully positioned so as not to be too revealing. The photos are candid and real, and the yogi’s captions frequently details her journey to self-acceptance.

She is literally breaking the internet and revolutionising art, and she is doing so in such a glorious historic fashion!!

‘‘You are beautiful exactly the way you are.”
– Nude Yoga Girl

The yoga girl, also known as Nude Yoga Girl on Instagram, believes in promoting body positivity and healthy body image; her pictures are appealing but not suggestive. To a degree, her account is accurately as advertised: a girl, naked, doing yoga.

“Behind Every Successful woman is HERSELF.”

She has appeared in Vogue, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and other prestigious publications around the world.

With over a million social media followers people comment on her photos to tag friends, but also to express their admiration for her athleticism, photography, and candour about topics such as her formerly restrictive diet and how she found self-acceptance through yoga. “The account is anonymous,” she explained in an interview, “but I still want to be close with my followers, and I try to do it with my captions.”

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Yoga is a centuries-old and complex practice based on Indian philosophy. It began as a spiritual practice but has since gained popularity as a method of promoting physical and mental well-being.

Indian celebrities such as Abigail Pande and Aashka Goradia have expressed their gratitude for all the endeavours NYG is pursuing. They have also expressed their heartfelt gratitude for liberating their soul, body, and life, as well as changing their outlook on life and society.

NYG tried yoga for the first time over 15 years ago by attending a yoga class, and she now enjoys practising yoga on a daily basis. Once she understood and dived deeper for creativity and fun, it gradually became a larger part of her life. According to NYG, “I actually realised that yoga could really challenge me in many ways while also teaching me gentleness and acceptance.” Her favourite forms of yoga are Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow.


The yogi once said in an interview, “I started to practice yoga daily when I understood that yoga is more about the feeling inside and the connection between your body and mind.” She further remarks that “the older I become, the more I find myself focusing on the spiritual side and not just the physical one.”

The 30-year-old model, photographer, influencer, and entrepreneur is known for her dramatic and artistic photos. She is broadening her horizons by experimenting and has recently wandered into NFTs whilst still remaining calm, sophisticated, and as tasteful as a yoga girl can be. 

The year 2021 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the yogi as she embraced motherhood. She is the founder of one of the largest digital nude magazines worldwide, Nudamag.

The most notable of these accomplishments is her entry into NFTs and the sale of her first NFT art piece. The ”Circle of Life 1” is the first-ever piece of the collection. Her dream is for everyone to work together to bring about change and to spread body positivity and self-acceptance.

Circle of life 1
The Circle Of Life 1

Nude Yoga Girl experimented with black-and-white nude yoga photography for the first time in 2015, in the smallest home studio she shared with her boyfriend. “I thought the end result was artistic, which gave me the confidence to post them on Instagram,” the yogi says, and we all know there had been no turning back from that.

Residing in the lush greenery and culture rich backdrop of Italy, the artworks are sort of “self portraits” ideated and visioned by the yogi herself. She expresses her admiration to her boyfriend in particular for handling everything behind the shutters and creating such aesthetically stunning impressions.

I guess we all need that one person in our lives whose love and support propels us to new heights!!

The collections and the artist’s portrayal of her visions are peacefully freakingly Jaw Dropping in all sense !!

SuperRare is also excited to announce a female focus initiative that will not only celebrate but will also highlight, empower, and introduce a number of female-identifying artists, including the NudeYogagirl, who will be contributing to the growing community.

Acquiescence into multiple universities but the decision to abandon her studies and pursue her passions was one event that happened to change the yogi’s beliefs and shaped her into the woman she is today. 

Nude NFT artist’s subtlety and exotic poise glistens through the art she creates with her body, essentially with the holy grail of breaking the perceptions of nudity. The stunning images and effortless postures of the Yogi mirror her sense of freedom and tranquillity while practising yoga.

Some of her exquisite and liberating NFT artworks are Penthesilea, Le Petit Poucet, Neverland and Narnia available on the Foundation App.

Because English isn’t her first language, Nude Yoga Girl — who even signs notes with that moniker — spoke to The Crypto Times about modelling, body image, who’s behind the camera, and her recent foray into the NFT Verse.

I’ve discovered that we are so different yet so similar. It all begins in our minds. I think it’s amazing that each of us is unique. Our perceptions of ourselves evolve over time, and each journey is unique. People share their body journeys with me on a daily basis, and it’s nearly impossible to know a person’s inner feelings toward themselves.

What was the idea and perspective behind ‘the circle of life’ artwork?

The ”circle of life 1” piece is part of a collection in which I create and mint one piece every five years. My lifetime will determine the number of circles of life pieces that will ever exist. The idea is to capture the natural process of ageing and transformation of our bodies over time.

What is the main driving force behind all the digital artworks and what message do you want to convey through them?

I began by combining two of my greatest passions, photography and yoga. I’m a passionate person, and my passions are my most powerful motivator and source of inspiration. Nude yoga is about freedom for me, about being myself without any layers. For a long time, nakedness was frowned upon, but our bodies are the most natural thing.

What is your roadmap now that you have entered into this NFT space? Is there any kind of project/venture that you are currently excited to work on?

For my journey in the NFT space, I have many plans and visions. Since joining NFTs in August 2021, I’ve learned a lot and gained valuable experience. At the moment, I’m concentrating on creating and releasing my 1/1 crypto art, but I’m also working on some other exciting projects.

What would be your message for the upcoming generation that constantly battles identity crises?

I would just say that “you should find the courage to be one’s true self in a society that constantly tries to fit everyone into the same box. Your individuality is your strength. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are and never make assumptions about people based on their appearances.”

“In the past, I was very insecure with my body, and I wanted to change parts of it all the time,” she added. Yoga has assisted me in developing self-acceptance and love for my body. Everyone, regardless of appearance, can find flaws in their body because it all begins in our minds. I want to tell you that you are stunning just the way you are.

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