Novelship will now Accept Payments via Bitcoin, Ether and USDT

Novelship gives in to public demand and will now accept Bitcoin in exchange for its products.
Novelship will now Accept Payments via Bitcoin, Ether and USDT

Southeast Asia’s largest online marketplace for sneakers, apparels, and collectibles, Novelship has announced the acceptance of cryptocurrency as an acceptable form of payment.

“At Novelship, we like to have our finger on the pulse by not only being open to adopting new technology and innovation onto our platform but also by actively listening to our users,” said Richard Xia, Novelship CEO.

By reaching out to their consumer community regularly, companies like Novelship stay on top of their game. A recent survey regarding alternative payment methods brought forth the following result:

“A strong example of this is an internal survey we commissioned which found an overwhelming number of the surveyed customers to be interested in alternative assets such as cryptocurrency,” Xia explained.

As of now, Bitcoin, Ether and USD Tether are the only cryptocurrencies accepted. The users are granted a lock-in period of 25 minutes at a certain exchange rate to make their payment. Refunds, however, will be made in fiat currency. 

Novelship has partnered with Triple-A to make this move possible. Triple-A is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, licensed by Singapore’s Central Bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Eric Barbier, CEO of TripleA says “We are delighted to help Novelship satisfy their users, who will now be able to pay directly with their crypto wallets. And to contribute to position Novelship in the front of the evolving digital relationship in the e-commerce space.”

Triple-A offers high-level international compliance for anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements.

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