Nomad Bridge Recovers $9M Stolen Funds from Hackers

The returned funds account for 4.75% of total stolen funds.
Nomad Bridge Recovers $9M Stolen Funds from Hackers

Blockchain analyst firm Peckshiled revealed the identification of a $9 million fund that returned back into the exploited cross-chain bridge, Nomad’s “Funds Recovery Address”. 

However, according to the latest update, Nomad bridge claimed $16.6 million in total fund recovery.

On August 2, Nomad bridge suffered exploitation, in which the attacker drained the entire fund with nearly $200 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

According to the blockchain analyst firm, the recovery of funds includes 100 ETH (~$164k) from address with ENS name bitliq.eth, ~3.78m USDC, ~2m USDT, ~15.8m $CQT (~$1.38m), ~1.2m $FRAX (~$1.2m), 200 $WETH (~328k), ~150k $DAI among others.

The returned fund is around 4.75% of the total stolen funds. Adding to this, it revealed that approximately 50% of stolen funds are still held inside 3 primary addresses.

The statement reads: “We are actively working with a leading chain analysis firm and law enforcement to trace funds. All involved are prepared to take necessary action in the coming days.”

Nomad asked for help from “white hat hackers” and “ethical researchers” to get back funds, who have been safeguarding ETH/ERC-20 tokens.

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