Nike’s RTFKT Reveals its Real-life CryptoKick Sneakers

The sneakers will retail for $300, however, the release date of the CryptoKick is yet to be disclosed.
Nike’s RTFKT Reveals its Real-life CryptoKick Sneakers

The American sports brand Nike’s RTFKT Studios revealed the first look of Real-life Cryptokick Sneakers. The RTFKT Cryptokick Sneakers model slightly resembles the 2015 Nike Air Mags which were created to celebrate ‘Back to the Future Day’ due to their futuristic look. 

The sneakers are also comparable with some of Nike’s basketball models. Some are anticipating that the shoe may feature Nike’s Adapt technology as hinted in the SneakerCon-published video. This Nike’s Adapt technology introduces a feature that is self-lacing which is again inspired by Back to the Future’s Air Mag. 

Many followers showed their dissatisfaction with the preview saying that it appears like an unfinished model. Some Nike fans also believe that it’s a very early edition and doesn’t look like the final product. Despite this, the move marks another step in making the NFTs more mainstream.

The official release date is not yet disclosed, however, Sole Retriever stated that the launch is expected in the Holiday season of this year. 

The sneakers will retail for $300 and it is likely that users will need to own an RTFKT NFT of some kind to purchase the Cryptokicks. 

In April, Nike auctioned its first NFT sneaker collection “CryptoKicks” with bids worth over $100K. Now with its current plan to launch the real-life CryptoKick sneakers, Nike is set to amaze its fanbase with the groundbreaking innovation.

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