NFT Worlds Strives To Take Action on Minecraft’s NFTs Ban

The NFT project price plunged from 3.33 ETH to 1.06 ETH in the last 16 days.
NFT Worlds Strives To Take Action on Minecraft’s NFTs Ban

An NFT project dedicated to the Minecraft game, NFT Worlds raised objections against the game’s parent company, Mojang Studios, to ban NFTs in the game and revealed a plan to take action against it.

The project’s co-founder under the pseudonym, ArkDev came to Twitter on Tuesday to show its disagreement with Minercraft’s decision. 

He said that Mojang Studios’ announcement has made their metaverse project “blindsided”. NFT Worlds is currently leveraging Minecraft’s source code as a basis for its NFT-powered metaverse project.

On Wednesday, the Minecraft game declared a ban on NFTs along with blockchain products as it conflicts with their guidelines. The company cited concern about unequal access due to NFT products in the game.

In the Discord server, the NFT World team stated that it’s assessing a variety of options to restore the project. They are also trying to contact “the right decision makers within the Minecraft policy enforcement team” to comprehend the move.

The project is also keeping other options in its eyes if they fail to convince Minecraft’s top authority. Among these options, NFT Worlds also plans to leverage their own Minecraft-like game engine and games platform, as well as collaborate with other projects.

However, the adverse effects of Minecraft already plunged the floor price of NFTs of NFT Worlds. According to the data reflected on OpenSea, in the last 16 days’ sale of 555 NFTs from the NFT Worlds, their average price dropped from 3.33 ETH to 1.06 ETH.

On Twitter, many companies and individuals belonging to NFT and Metaverse projects condemned Mojang’s sudden ban on NFTs. Yat Siu, executive chairman of Animoca Brands, a maker firm of top-notch Metaverse project The Sandbox slammed Microsoft and Minecraft by referring to the move as a “digital dictatorship”.

“Blockchain and NFTs are not a threat to Minecraft or the gaming community, it is a threat to closed platforms/monopolies who control every aspect of our digital lives and wish to continue extracting every ounce of value from our time and attention,” he said.

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