NFT Art Space Deca Reveals its Unusual Metaverse ‘Decaverse’

To join the Decaverse, you have to mint membership tokens called ‘The Octagon’ which will be free to mint beside gas fees.
NFT Art Space Deca Reveals its Unusual Metaverse ‘Decaverse’

Generative NFT art platform Deca revealed its much-anticipated art-focused metaverse ‘Decaverse’, bringing digital objects to life. Deca shared the details in a tweet referring to Decaverse as an infrastructure for experiencing digital objects.

These digital objects have true “object permanence”, they exist as much as any physical object. Simply put, these NFTs or digital objects are stored on the blockchain and hence they can not be deleted, destroyed, or taken away.

Well, that’s the defining property of its ‘Decaverse’ in which these NFTs are the atoms of the metaverse. To encounter or see these NFTs just like “real objects”, Deca is introducing the Decaverse infrastructure which brings these NFTs to life.

Decaverse is built on protocols that surface these digital objects. To realize the concept, you can go freestyle and create anything. Interestingly, these digital objects can be anything and do anything and with time will become more and more vivid. 

Moreover, it is on the Ethereum and Tezos chain but will continue to expand to other chains as well.

How to Join Decaverse? 

Deca has introduced its membership token called The Octagon which means 8. Over time, The Octagon can become Decagon which means 10. 

The Octagon starts at level 1 and then you can follow simple steps to reach level 2 and so on. These steps include following Deca on Twitter or creating a gallery. 

You can start minting here. The more levels you unlock, the more utilities will be unlocked as well. Each week Deca will announce another level that unlocks an additional utility. 

These membership tokens are free to mint beside the gas fee. As it is free to mint, Deca aspires to create a 1,000,000,000- member community on 10,000 PFPs. 

Get your passport into the decentralized metaverse Decaverse, and join the global network of artists, art, and art traders – Decans. There will be a surprise for the first 100 Octagon minters who quote RT with their address.

The Decaverse project has attracted several prominent NFT collectors, including 6529 creators of the Open Metaverse, as well as Snoop Dogg’s NFT dedicated pseudonym Cozomo de’ Medici.

Well, Snoop Dogg is known as an avid NFT collector and has been seen openly accepting his involvement in numerous NFT and metaverse projects. Recently, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Snoopverse’ LAND sale fetched $14 million, hyping the metaverse concept to its peak.

The Decaverse is also associated with famous NFT folks such as Zeneca, VincentVanDough, Tyler Hobbs, Justin Aversano, and Thomas Lin Pedersen as well. Deca is all power-packed with its newly raised funds worth $6.2 million. The funding round was led by Offline Ventures, and other investors include Betaworks, Flamingo DAO, and Collab+Currency.

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