NessGraphics’ NFT – Entire story of Alex’s Dystopian Cyberpunk World

NessGraphics’ NFT

Alex Ness, popularly known as “NessGraphics”, is a 25-year-old NFT artist based in the Greater NYC area. Crypto-art famed “Ness”, has a passion for illustrating concert visuals, 3D animation, modeling, and design. 

He emerged as a motion media designer whose NFTs often have intertwined stories and fragmentary narratives of dystopian and cyberpunk awestruck graphics. 

His love for Tech art placed him at the forefront of the world in early 2019. Since then, he took up a variety of digital art projects, working alongside award-winning musicians at prestigious global events, concerts, and shows. 

He has been producing 3D looping animations, digital art, and drawings since 2010. Over the last 5 years, his work has been gaining recognition in modern media, which attracted many renowned clients towards him including Travis Scott, Lil Nas X, Imagine dragons, Boys Noize, Diplo, Major Lazer, Russ, Gryffin, Martin Garrix, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Big Gigantic, DJ snake, Sheck Wes, and Kayzo.

Apart from creating visuals for artists’ tours and performances, He, with his “true-to-its-form creative digital arts”, secured a prominent stature in the NFT space.

NessGraphics mastered the art of storytelling through crypto visuals, with his NFT drops always making it to the trending list on almost every marketplace. 

When it comes to relatable digital arts, whether it is video-NFTs or digital drawings NessGraphics personalizes his art by including names of friends and collectors, jokes, and even something as abstract as easter eggs. 

These subtle references and keen observations to details make each piece power-packed with unique eye-widening specifications that one can not afford to miss out on. 

NessGraphics’ NFT “ngmi” is one such detailed as well as the most expensive work which was sold off at approximately $390,866 (100.69 ETH). The amount of effort that goes into digital illustrations like this is self-explanatory, and so is the hype. 

You can find this masterpiece and many more at SuperRare NFT marketplace. For more collectibles by him, you can also explore NiftyGateway, MakersPlace, OpenSea & Sotheby’s.

To get snippets of his journey – you can see his portfolio on his website 

NessGraphics as Alex Ness – Life before he entered NFT space

From the age of 12, Alex Ness was fascinated with creating digital art. Prioritizing creativity over anything else is what he has learned in his life. 

The endeavor of becoming an artist started from his home itself, with his father being an architect and his sister, a fine arts oil painter. His surroundings had heavily inspired him into pursuing a Bachelor of fine arts specializing in Digital Media Design. Ness envisaged himself as an artist since the day he first delved into the realm of digital art. 

He started as a dedicated freelancer, and to further cultivate his skills, he turned to YouTube and kept on learning something new. Then, he started creating and posting his digital art and visuals on Instagram. This opened doors for him in the music industry which later introduced him to other artists.

He was a big-time gamer, and Call-Of-Duty is one of the games that got him into graphic designing and crypto art. Gaming is just another source of inspiration for him when it comes to making digital art and aesthetics. 

When he was younger, he was a huge gamer. He had friends who liked to record themselves playing video games and upload them to YouTube. Here’s where his skills came in handy: they needed intros for their videos, which piqued his interest, so he began designing 3D art for his friends’ YouTube channels. 

Even now, he still enjoys playing Call-of-Duty in his free time, but not as much as he used to. Creating introductory 3D animated videos for fun, however, turned out to be something that he started pursuing professionally. The whole process unfolded into a grand scheme of things, which eventually mapped out his way into graphics and animations.

NFTs and the gaming industry are increasingly becoming inseparable these days. Many NFTs are aimed to be released as “in-game collectibles” such as avatars, costumes, weapons, and accessories, etc. 

Ness believes that even though the industry has evolved a lot in these couple of years, it still lingers in a weird place. Currently, NessGraphics thinks of combining NFT art with gaming and explains – “I truly believe when we are able to integrate NFTs into AAA level games, making all in-game purchasable content NFTs, that’s when we will see the true mass adoption of NFTs.”

A Glimpse into his Professional Life:

His aspirations, he had initially imagined, would have only made him work for an agency but surprisingly through Instagram, he steadily started promoting his artworks, and that’s where NessGraphics was introduced to the world.

Since then, he has worked as a full-time freelancer, though he has also been freelancing prior to establishing NessGraphics.

He explored the music industry when he was only 19. At the onset of his music career, he used to mainly work with creative directors who collaborated closely with musicians to decide on their preferences. From then, he often got referrals to work with musicians directly as a visual artist.

His first-ever professional milestone was working for Imagine Dragons’ “Evolve World Tour’, followed by animation for Kelsea Ballerini’s song, “Get over yourself” in 2018, creating multiple looping visuals for Sus Boy X The Neighbourhood, and visuals for Travis Scott Astroworld in the same year as well.

In early 2019, He worked on the Diplo – Coachella project with a team led by Creative Director Mike Mauro. He then took up the Major Lazer Visuals Project for Future+Meek Mills joint tour. In mid-2019, he also worked for Legendary nights Tour. 

He has been a part of various Megan Thee Stallion shows including Tidals live streams, SNL performance, and visualizers for her album ‘Good News. His recent tour being, Lil Nas X – 2020 Grammys Performance in which he was head designer of the visuals. 

From $25 First Job to a Multimillion NFT artist

NessGraphics : as a Visual Artist

Determined to be a digital artist, he incessantly kept on honing his skills by exploring digital software since childhood. He even started 3D designing when he was just 12. That was just an artist in the making!. At the age of 14, he was offered a $25 job to make digital art online. From then on, he never looked back.

When we talk about an artist, we often start imagining them as someone who is born with the zeal to do what they are good at.

That’s only partially true in Ness’s case. Ness knew that he was intrigued by digital software and was always into it. Yet, that’s not what developed his expertise in digital art. He is a self-taught graphic designer who worked his way up to make a career out of it.

His first ever experience with creating art online started with the 3D modeling of watches for his client. He even mentioned in an interview with that if he hadn’t established himself as NessGraphics, he would have been working in the watch or automotive industry as a designer. There is one thing for sure – Ness was meant to be a graphic designer and never dared to think otherwise! 

It was his junior year in college when his career took off and he started getting projects with legitimate budgets. His first big shot was working on Imagine Dragons Evolve World tour. And there started a trail of many projects waiting for him in the music industry as a visual artist.

Along the way, he has worked with many prominent music artists. Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion are just a few of them. For most projects, he worked as a lead animator, working under the creative director for the project. The role of the creative director is to figure out what the artist wants, depending on which Ness works on what is feasible for the project. Every project was much different from the others, but the basic idea was to incorporate the visuals that artists expect out of visual artists. 

He describes his journey in the music industry as a “Life-Changing Experience”. For years, he always wanted to work in the music industry, and when he was offered a chance, it was a dream come true for him. 

The music industry is challenging in many ways with its tight deadlines and 18 working hours every day. This hasn’t stopped him but further fueled him to enjoy his work more and more, and it was all worth the time and effort. As he himself confesses – “It has been extremely rewarding”

NessGraphics : as an NFT creator

In his earliest days, NessGraphics created NFT art for himself like a fun mood-booster activity. With no one giving any inputs or critiques, he was free to explore his style and genre. He adopted a raw approach for brainstorming new ideas, stories, and concepts that he wanted to portray in his artwork. He also accepts that having open schedules to create what he wants, has helped him to master his “detailing skills”.

Crypto and Creativity have always been on his mind, as he has been back and forth with crypto since the bitcoin release. Blending crypto with his art is what he has always been wanting to do. 

He never focused on monetary profits but rather tried to achieve perfectionism in whatever he created. In his words – “For me it was never about the money, it was about the fact that we’re finally living in a time where someone can truly collect my art, something that I had wished for as a digital artist.”

In February of 2017, when he was in his junior year of college, he realized that attending classes will not take him any closer to his dreams, this is when he worked on his own dream project, “NessGraphics”. 

He created an Instagram account for himself and started developing and posting new artwork daily. He then kept on working as a freelancer alongside; creating detailed artworks for which he is now known.

Since last year, he became quite active on Instagram, from there he started following Gavin Shapiro and KidMograph’s digital arts. These works have appeared on well-known NFT marketplaces such as Nifty Gateway and SuperRare Drops. Through their Instagram posts, he got an idea and started his research on NFTs.

NessGraphics understood the growing NFT market. Later, at one point, MakersPlace approached him for his freelancing services. This intrigued him on many levels and he began applying to different platforms and “the rest is history!”

When he realized he could thrive as an NFT creator with his interest in animation, visuals, and digital art, he first applied at SuperRare and MakersPlace to enter into marketplaces as a professional NFT creator. 

After being accepted by both, he began creating NFTs- that’s now all over several marketplaces! Along with this, he continued working as a freelancer as he enjoyed both making visuals for shows and working with friends. 

He also mentioned that the art he makes requires a minimum of 4-5 days per piece and often stretches to 2-3 weeks if he obsessively wants to achieve perfection in even the tiniest of details.

He enjoys adding the smallest details that one may not even notice. Yet, he does this for himself, for his work to meet his own artistic standards. He thinks of himself as his biggest critic and believes in “maintaining scarcity”. 

According to him, it’s unfair to treat NFTs like Instagram daily posts. This can only accomplish short-term goals; for NFT creators it is all about keeping up with long-term goals to create the best of what they can.

A Message from NessGraphics NFT Artist to budding NFT Artists

His NFTs are in a sense, a part of him. He explains that most of the ideas behind the art he creates come in his dreams, or while spacing out throughout the day. There is no specific source of inspiration but he derives his creativity from day-to-day life. Once he visualizes what he wants to create, he immediately gets working on the piece as soon as he can.

Ness carved out a specific dystopian cyberpunk universe with his intricate NFTs. Over time, he has refined and expanded his theme, combining and blending old-school elements with new techniques and winding up with his own surreal crypto trope. His NFTs are mostly inclined towards future technology with a hint of retro aesthetics. 

Every NFT that NessGraphics creates is rare with maintained “scarcity”, some pieces are based on his workflow rather than a predetermined idea. Sometimes, he starts with zero to no ideas and keeps working on the piece until he is satisfied with the ‘end result’ and his own artistic standard. Other times, he has the whole concept and storyline in his mind which eventually reflects in the final art piece. Each NFT demands completely different attributes and themes than the other, and so do the buildup and workflow.

With his NFTs, he heavily focuses on the advancement of the display and illustrations, progressing with each piece – for the arts, he creates as well as the ones he collects. 

Digital artists have completely changed the art industry, though the traditional art industry is still intact in its form. Yet, it would really be interesting to see if the NFT culture would take over the conventional art or manage to last in the true sense.

To stand out in the ever-evolving NFT industry, there is one thing that every aspiring artist should keep in their mind and that’s what NessGraphics has to say about it – “To start dabbling into the NFT world, but don’t just quit your day job and dive in. If you do so, you will likely have money as your primary motive which won’t get you far in this space. Pursue NFTs in your free time and eventually transfer into NFTs full time if you wish!”

When asked what differentiates him from others, he humbly said that – “By just being myself. I don’t try to be anyone else, or represent myself how I think others would want me to represent myself, just doing my own thing and having a good time along the way!”

Life’s Work – NessGraphics entire NFT Collection

N3URAL1NK by NessGraphics

All the pieces in this collection follow the storyline of his ‘N3UR4L1NK’ series, with a blend of dystopian cyberpunk universe where various groups/teams harness the power of ‘N3UR4L1NK’.

This drop has 4 pieces, out of which three are drawings.

N3UR4L1NK v.01

37.39397383401781, -122.15010597083842, 3500 Deer Creek Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States
N3URAL1NK: Single Edition

This piece is inspired by Elon Musk’s real technology – Neuralink. Neuralink is the potential future technology that would operate on wireless brain-machine interface (BMI) devices, which when surgically implanted in the skull can enable people to operate smart devices like phones and computers with neural activity. 

In other words, one can use their phones and computers just by thinking about their tasks without operating them manually. 

He incorporated this breakthrough technology theme into his N3UR4L1NK versions. To date, there are three N3UR4L1NK versions. It depicts how future technology can affect the human race, as well as the outcomes if things go wrong. N3UR4L1NK v.01 collected by wsavas in $37,777.00 (9.964 ETH). All the other versions also follow the tech futuristic theme. 

37.39397383401781, -122.15010597083842, 3500 Deer Creek Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States Single Edition

H0M3BAS3 v.02 

40.76143113566479, -73.97761813894402. Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY 10019, USA.
H0M3BAS3 v.02: 25 Editions

In this NFT, Ness has attempted to combine retro aesthetics with future technologies. The ‘timeless’ quality of this piece serves as a throwback to a bygone era of bulky old antenna television, radio, cassette player and some polaroids hung on the wall. He has also incorporated today’s crypto era by showcasing punk art and ethereum displayed on TV and posters. Overall, it’s a single-frame capture of an NFT enthusiast’s Homebase in the 1990s.

40.76143113566479, -73.97761813894402. Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY 10019, USA. To collect this, the collector must own at least 1 NFT to enter the drawing!

It has 25 editions in which 15 editions were held for ‘H0M3B4S3’ holders and 10 editions were open to all collectors.


40.705576 -74.013421, Whitehall St, New York, NY 10004, USA
NYS3 : 25 Editions

This looping animation NFT is a single-frame portrayal of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Multiple computer panels displaying graphs and visuals depicting NSY3 trading floors. The fluctuating value of Bitcoin and Ethereum is displayed in the background. This NFT was created with the intention of representing the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the future.

40.705576 -74.013421, Whitehall St, New York, NY 10004, USA, Editions 25, Price: $12,909.63 (3.346). To Mint the NYS3 NFT, a collector must own a copy of N3UR4L1NK NFT.


H4CK3R: 50 editions

This NFT is jam-packed with tech motifs, powerful computer displays, laptops, and panels demonstrating the programs in action, emulating a typical Hacker’s setup. Various statistical graphs have also been shown in relation to NEURAL1NK technology. The intricate detailing of this NFT is impeccable and even explaining every aspect of his art at a glance would be impossible without leaving something out. One may spend hours staring at a single NFT, taking in all of the minute intricacies and references. 

N3URAL1NK – Part 2 by NessGraphics 

This collection featured a first come first serve. It was collectors only drawing, and open to those who had at least 3 NFTs of the following:

H0M3BAS3(Ness Graphics), H0M3BAS3v.02, H0M3BAS3 v.02 – Holders Ticket, H4CK3R, NYS3, N3URAL1NK v.01, Bored Ness Ape Club, NessGraphics – Collectors Key

H0M3BAS3 v.03

H0M3BAS3 v.03: 20 Editions

This NFT emerged as a fragment of the N3URAL1NK series. The piece has a tech feel all over it. He showcased a very old computer with speakers, sticky notes, and other vintage elements to put this piece together. This collection consists of 20 editions.

The story behind this NFT revolves around a boy called [REDACTED]! In Ness’s words the NFT follows this storyline – “As a young boy, [REDACTED] was taught in high school that hacking was cool. [REDACTED] got so passionate about technology. Hacking to [REDACTED] was like a video game. It was about getting trophies. [REDACTED] just kept going on and on, despite all the trouble [REDACTED] was getting into, because [REDACTED] was hooked. In computer class, the first assignment was to write a program to print the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. Instead, [REDACTED] wrote a program out of their basement that would steal passwords of students. The teacher gave [REDACTED] an A. Even the most secure systems and firewalls cannot protect against social engineering. Never forget – You can’t go to Windows Update and get a patch for stupidity!”


LOG1ST1CS: 50 editions 

In this frame, the looping video NFT narrates illegal activity in an area of Chiba city, Japan. The neon Japanese hoarding with blue lights and a suspicious transit truck established the overall setting of the crime scene. 

In this setup, he weaved the story where Neuralink – a potential technology, has been smuggled and is at a risk to be misused. The Chiba police have noticed the transit truck stacked with illegal commodities. Undercover Agents are still investigating the crime scene. If Ness intends to release the next NFT in the same series like this one, there will be even more details to pick up on, and the plotline will become much more interesting!

The whole plot narrated by Ness is as follows: 

“Suspicious activity report 08/18/2021

Chiba city police department

Time: 24:00 UTC place: shadowrun, m3tropol1s case number: 51.53.58.n 2.07.28.w

operation: “L0G1ST1CS”

At approximately 24:00 UTC, a suspicious vehicle with markings known to represent an electronics smuggling ring was seen parked outside a high crime area. A clear line of sight established items contained within the vehicle was identified as contraband. Grid utility scans of the facility show energy consumption indicative of foul play. Undercover agents recruited a confidential source who said they were working on a “next-generation” encrypted device, codenamed “N3URALINK.” source has extensive ties to the shadowy distribution network and has been unknowingly chipped and released. Tracking device applied to the vehicle without interdiction. The investigation will continue. MISSION SUCC3SS.”

H4CK3R v.02

H4CK3R v.02: 50 editions

Ness has always been intrigued by hacking and coding. Before he was a digital artist, he took a great interest in it and wanted to be a programmer but things didn’t go that well for him. 

In his own humorous way, he said – “Although I do believe I once successfully programmed one java program as a summer camp in 7th grade or so!” This particular piece may be an attempt to accomplish that one thing he wanted to do back then. 

He described this NFT with a quote – “It is not the monsters we should be afraid of; it is the people that don’t recognize the same monsters inside of themselves. I keep my personal life quiet, so don’t think you know me. You only know what I allow you to. Time is what determines security. with enough time nothing is unhackable. The quieter we become, the more we are able to hear…” 

N3URAL1NK – Ticket Holders

H0M3BAS3 v.02 – Ticket Holders

NessGraphics H0M3BAS3 v02 HoldersTicket 2
H0M3BAS3 v.02 : 15 Editions

The purpose of this NFT is to add utility to it. He released this Neuralink – Ticket holders, as a tribute to current collectors of his NFTs. The one who had these tickets received his NFT – ‘H0M3BAS3 v.02’. To enter the drawing for these tickets, collectors needed to own at least one copy of H0M3BAS3.

NessGraphics – Collectors Key

Collectors Key: 50 Editions

This was another NFT that he launched as an appreciation to his NFT collectors. Those who enter the draw to win a set of two keys will be the first to obtain his future NFTs.

‘NessGraphics collectors keys’ and ‘Neuralink ticket holders’, are two NFTs that he presented as an acknowledgment for the support he got from his collectors. The goal was to add utility to his NFTs, which he accomplished.

He interestingly explained the utility of these Collector Keys with the following quotes – 

A wise man once said, “A very little key will open a very heavy door.” 

“The stupid mind thinks only in terms of possession. The man of insight thinks of utility.”

He further added in the description – “Well, this is a set of two little keys, so just imagine what the future may very well bring. As a tribute to current collectors of NessGraphics’ pieces, this is your very own NessGraphics set of keys that will unlock access to NiftyGateway collector’s only drawings. Use it wisely and know that this is just the first heavy door that can be opened.”

It is an edition of 50.

Bored Ness Ape Club

Bored Ness Ape Club: 100 Editions

He described this NFT with humorous storytelling – “Although Agent Ape #2306 may seem like he is the “chimpion” of the monkey business, you will come to the “kongclusion” that he is anything but. As he sits at his operations command center, he is solely responsible to remain bored, yet focused.

The mission, dubbed ‘The Apes of Wrath’ was green-lighted to ensure that the coordinated gorilla warfare against the primate change deniers is strategic and successful. As he quietly types away into the wee hours of the night, he keeps a close watch on his community while making certain that not even one of his tribe is caught monkeying around or going bananas.

Extra bananas for Danny_p3d for adding some shape to the ape.”

Chronicles 2011 – 3XPL01T (MakersPlace)

Chronicles 2011 – 3XPL01T: 5 Editions

‘Chronicles’ outlines the beginning of the crypto era through detailed impeccable NFT, created by NessGraphics. The collection recites the iconic journey on how blockchain technology has changed the concept of the financial system. 

The piece has been put together by incorporating various NFTs of the most talented NFT-players in the market, which makes it more appealing to NFT collectors. 

‘Chronicles’ is part of the Not Fungible signature series and has only five prints.

Mint No. 1 goes to the creator, No.2 and No.3 will be kept at the Not Fungible vault for at least 3 years. Finally, No. 4 will be set up for sale by the artist. The last mint will be put up for sale, 6 months after the sell-out of No.4.

The Chronicles 2011 – 3XPL01T is fourth among five editions and has multiple collectors. It amounts to 14.75 ETH ($56,980.43). 


H0M3BAS3: 50 editions

The visual shows a coffee cup with a quote – ‘World’s Best NFT Artist’, Also, there are many references to bitcoin giving the character a vibe of an NFT nerd. He also made a subtle reference to his N3UR4L1NK series with graphics running on a computer screen. We can also see the N3UR4L1NK prototype is running on an old computer. In this piece, He perfectly blended the technological theme with a touch of timelessness. 



The Gm:Gn series is an NFT collection in which he showed his appreciation to his NFT collectors who lost the bid. This piece was dedicated to all his fans for their immense support in his journey.


As a fun way of making some short descriptions for his artworks, Ness cites certain coordinates in all of his NFTs. The purpose is to depict real-world locations in order to show where some of the scenes may have occurred.

Ness has also shared his view on his favorite NFTs as – 

“NGMI is one of my favorite pieces I have made. I feel like it just fits with the current NFT times so well, which is something I try to do with a lot of my work, essentially creating time capsules for the future. D1STR1CT 11 is another one of my favorites. I just had a lot of fun creating a bit of a larger-scale scene and being able to give a setting to what might be outside of the smaller-scale scenes. The first H0M3BAS3 piece is another one of my favorites, if not my favorite. I feel as it represents the major transition from creating 1/1’s to opening up to editions which helped me rise up the ranks.”

NessGraphics Single Edition NFTs

NFTs on Superrare


Ngmi is an acronym for “Not Gonna Make it”. Through this Animated NFT, Ness has illustrated the monotonous life of a 38 years old named Brand Noobian. The detailed work describes the current situation of his life well. Guy works at McDonald’s and lives in the basement of his parents’ house and says “It’s fine” by him. 

Lives a lonely life as he narrates his kids and wife have left him. Self justifies the events in his life by accepting the fact that his roadmap doesn’t involve people who had already left his side. There is so much more than this, with the bottom line that no matter how life turns out for him, he is just doing what he needs to do. 

“Ngmi” was auctioned for 100.69 ETH ($349,564), and is owned by @keyboardmonkey3. 

Tranquility and Nature Prevails

NessGraphics’ NFTs are mostly inclined towards tech futuristic themes, with a blend of vintage aesthetics. Though these artworks stand out among his other works as he experimented with his usual theme, he used nature as his visual trope. 

‘Tranquility’ is the NFT that defines the serene calmness of nature, this refreshing loop-animation is among his few arts that time-to-time gives something new to his audience. 


His other nature-inspired NFT is ‘Nature Prevails’, through this seamless loop-animation, he showcased how the world would look if nature is ever to triumph over the aspired tech world.

Nature Prevails
Wear a Fucking Mask, Infected and Social Distancing
Wear a Fucking Mask is a NessGraphics NFT
Wear a Fucking Mask

Through these NFTs, he signaled his audience to follow covid guidelines. Out of these three NFTs, ‘Infected’ was inspired by feelings that he felt at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This NFT depicts “The anxiety that any surface you may touch outside your home leads to the possibility of contracting and transferring the virus to a loved one”

The other two NFTs – ‘Wear a Fucking Mask’ and ‘Social Distancing’ released by him as a social message for his audience when the pandemic was at its peak. 

There are many more NFTs by him namely: Sector 14, Station 13, District 11, Terminal 15, R3KT v16, SUBJ3CT 12, N3UR4L1NK v.10, N3UR4L1NK v.09, Shitty Flight, Cyber Truck, Virtual Immortality, Hold the line, and Hyperreality. Available on Superrare. 


NessGraphics has explained the story behind a few of his NFT pieces. One of them is ‘Sector 14’ in which we find ourselves traveling down a futuristic corridor, which is meant to take place in the same facility as ‘SUBJ3CT 12’, where the ‘N3UR4L1NK’ testing laboratory is located. ‘Station 13’ and ‘Terminal 15’ are both a continuation of ‘District 11’. All these pieces display the scenarios taking place outdoors, specifically showing what it may look like in the city where these intricate desk scenes take place. All his other NFTs are based on the cyberpunk dystopian universe which is his main trope in almost all his artworks.

NFT on Sotheby


K1LLSCR33N : NessGraphics NFT
K1LLSCR33N: Single Edition

This animated NFT is of a device named “Neuralink KillScreen”. Neuralink is a potential future technology by Elon Musk which would enable the human brain to directly interact with smart gadgets like computers and phones without having to operate them manually. The device would be surgically implanted in a human skull to accomplish this. 

The device “KillScreen” is designed to make the procedure easier by eliminating general anesthesia and allowing the device to be implanted under conscious sedation. Though, inserting the device can have some risks such as hallucinations, forgetfulness, euphoria, complete loss of existence in physical space, etc. He has framed this NFT as science fiction with a dash of satire in the way he describes how this fictional device works. 

K1LLSCR33N was launched as a single edition and sold for $214,200.

Artists that Ness admires

Ness’ inspiration partly comes from playing around with the tools and new things, and partly he derives from his idols. He has multiple idols that inspired him to get into digital art.

The first name on the list is Beeple. He has been a fan of his since around 2014, and watching him transform into an NFT artist sparked a desire in him to pursue a career as an artist. He has also been following Ash Thorp, his absolute favorite artist of all time. Last but not the least, Raoul Marks, who is one of the most talented artists he has ever met. He owes his success to the NFT industry that has given him the opportunity to speak with Raoul, which has always been his dream.

Ness’s favorite NFT is a short film “OG Astro – The Genesis Short” by Raoul Marks, which he absolutely adores. “Tread The Traveler” by Ryan Talbot, is his other favorite NFT, and one that he owns.


“I absolutely love every moment of what I do, it does get quite tiring as “NessGraphics” is just me, no managers, assistants, etc, but again loving every moment.” 

– NessGraphics

Becoming an artist is not a passive process, it takes insatiable curiosity, a zeal to explore and experiment. That is exactly what Ness is about. He began as a freelancer, evolved into a graphic designer, and before he realized it, he had established himself as a well-known NFT artist – “NessGraphics”.

The music industry has also played a significant role in his development as a digital artist. At present, he is completely immersed in creating NFTs but he is considering the prospects of re-entering as a visual artist. 

On this, he says – “At this time I haven’t been doing any work in the music industry, but I do plan to return to it at some point. Working on concerts and performances doesn’t feel like work to me, and I do miss it, excited to get back to it eventually!”

NessGraphics is currently working on an upcoming NFT edition for the new platform called TR lab, as well as another Nifty Gateway drop. Other than that there are some other projects which are yet to be disclosed. 

He explains his plans for the next five years as ‘doing exactly what he is doing now. But surely he will continue to evolve his art and skills as he envisages himself as the leading artist working on a large scale. He emphasized that he has no specific plans as to what he wants to achieve as an end goal. All he knows is – He wants to keep creating art!

Ness has also shared a special message for everyone – “Hold Your Keys!<3” (You know if You know)

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