NBA Celebrates Modern Era With Run It Back Collectibles

On Thursday, September 28, there will be a special pack called “Run It Back Legacies: 2014-19 Pack Drop” available for $999.
NBA Celebrates Modern Era With Run It Back Collectibles

Every year, Top Shot has a special event called ‘Run It Back’ where they create limited edition collectibles in collaboration with the NBA. This event is all about celebrating the history of basketball. 

They take iconic moments from the NBA’s past, turn them into unique collectible items, and add some exciting new features to make these moments even more special for Top Shot collectors.

The period from 2014 to 2019 is often seen as a golden age for the NBA, with many unforgettable moments. In the upcoming edition of Run It Back, NBA fans can expect a range of memorable moments categorized into Legendary, Rare, and Common tiers. 

This edition will kick off with an exciting 30-day countdown to the opening night, showcasing some of the most thrilling NBA Top Shot releases ever. It’s a celebration of the past while looking forward to the future of the NBA.

From 2014 to 2019, a collection of 16-player trading cards was created. These cards are quite special because only 75 of each were made. They feature some of the most famous and cherished moments in NBA history. You can get your hands on these cards starting on September 28th.

On Thursday, September 28, there will be a special pack called “Run It Back Legacies: 2014-19 Pack Drop (LEGENDARY)” available for $999. There are two chances to get it: an Early Access Drop from noon to 3 PM ET and a General Admission Drop at 3 PM ET for everyone.

The “Run It Back Origins (RARE)” collection will have 25 moments from 2014 to 2019. The first chance to get these special Origins Packs is on October 3, 2023, at 2 PM Eastern Time. Each Origins Pack costs $89 and will contain one rare Origins Moment along with nine other archive moments.

Players in this set include Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Malcolm Brogdon, Ben Simmons, and Luka Doncic.

Archive Set 2014-19 (COMMON) is a very limited edition collection of basketball cards. There are only 4,500 sets available, and they include popular players from all 30 NBA teams. Players can buy it for $15 starting at 3 PM ET on September 28. Each pack contains six basketball cards.

This set features 60 players, including some new cards for rookies and players making their debut in Top Shot. 

Throughout Run It Back Month, collectors can trade in their Archive Moments from the 1986-87, 2005-06, and 2013-14 seasons to get new Archive Packs in Leaderboards.

Digital collectibles will also include players such as Chris Paul, Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, Devin Booker, and many more.

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