“MV3” NFT Collection is Launching Soon

There are 9,999 NFTs in the MV3 NFT collection featuring 5 factions: the elites, empaths, AX, RQ, and the Travelers.
“MV3” NFT Collection is Launching Soon

The Metav3rse team is soon going to launch the “MV3” NFT collection so as to expand its Metaverse plans in the near future.

Metav3rse is a Web3 news outlet and the team behind it is launching its first NFT collection “MV3” and is gearing up to tell the world a “storytelling game theory”. 

This will be an interactive experience for MV3 NFT holders which will allow them to become a part of the “Eluna” world that they have created.

Interested people can register for the public mint event right now at premint.xyz which will end in about 2 hours. The public mint event is today at 11 AM EST and the mint price is 0.25 ETH.

Registering in the premint event will only give users the chance to mint the NFT, but it does not guarantee that the registered user will receive an NFT for sure because the public sale is on a first come first serve basis.

The supply for the public sale will be 1,460 and currently, there are over 7,500 premint registrations after MV3’s bot purge.

MV3 NFT collection features 5 factions. The elites, empaths, AX, RQ, and the Travelers. There are 9,999 NFTs in the MV3 collection.

The MV3 character art has been created by filmmaker and visual artist Tomas Vergara.

The story for the MV3 universe is written by Metav3rse co-founder R.P Nickson’s sister and co-founder of MV3, Jessie Nickson-Lopez.

Jessie was on the founding writing team of Netflix’s popular show Stranger Things and she also wrote for HBO’s The Outsider, and Narcos: Mexico.

If you are an MV3 NFT holder, you’ll have ownership over the MV3 Universe and be entitled to a portion of the revenue generated by the IP.

Character rarity would play a role in allocation, but the storified game-theory mechanic would play a larger role.

MV3 Rarities:

  • Elites: 3,500
  • Empaths: 3,100
  • AX: 1,800
  • RQ: 1,300
  • Travelers: 299

Greg Yüna, the renowned jeweler to Drake, Floyd Mayweather, J Balvin, and many other A-listers, will include his legendary EMOgÿ necklace in the MV3 NFT collection as an ultra-rare trait. The necklace will be exclusive to the Elites faction.

Users can get an MV3 character with an Access Pass and one access pass gives a chance for one mint.

Earning roles in the Metav3rse or MV3 Discord will give you the right to mint an access pass. Your mint tier will be reflected in these roles.

Through the access pass plan, tokens with market values will become available for use as a means of rewarding community contributions and as a financial incentive for marketing and social growth initiatives.

The access pass supply for each tier is as follows: Tier 1 – 200 Supply, Tier 2 – 1310 supply, Tier 3 – 2,674 supply, Tier 4 – 3,315 supply, Tier 5 – 2,500 supply, respectively.

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