MLB is Hosting First-ever Virtual Stadium Game

Improbable will broadcast a Major League Baseball (MLB) game in a virtual stadium on Wednesday night when the Tampa Bay Rays host the Los Angeles Angels.
MLB is Hosting First-ever Virtual Stadium Game

Baseball fans will now be able to see a real-world Major League Baseball (MLB) game in 3D as the pro league announces the first simulcast in a virtual ballpark.

Improbable will broadcast the Major League Baseball (MLB) game in a virtual stadium on Wednesday night when the Tampa Bay Rays host the Los Angeles Angels.

Improbable’s online platform will use 3D computer graphics to make the Rays vs. Angels game look like it’s taking place in a virtual world. They’re able to do this with MLB’s GameDay 3D technology, which is powered by Sony’s Hawk-Eye camera system. 

The camera system is set up in all 30 team MLB stadiums, and Hawk Eye’s AI cameras are known for tracking things like player stats and helping umpires make decisions in sports, like calling whether a ball is in or out in tennis.

Fans from all over the world will have a unique opportunity to watch the game in an exciting and different way, but the real-world game will be played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

In this case, users who enter a virtual sports arena, they won’t just be passively watching regular live video feeds from the real game. 

They will also witness a 3D recreation of the game as it happens, generated in real-time by tracking the movements of players and equipment in the virtual world.

CEO Herman Narula said, “I suspect what will end up basically meaning is that broadcasters will make more money, because they can finally create experiences around broadcast that would never be possible otherwise.”

The outcome resembles a video game adaptation of the actual game, offering fresh and innovative ways to enjoy the sports action. Improbable CEO Herman Narula explained that he thinks this technology will create new possibilities for sports leagues and their partners.

Inside the virtual baseball stadium, fans will have the opportunity to play trivia games and participate in a digital scavenger hunt. They can access these activities on their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

MLB is planning to offer a new way for fans to watch games. They will have a 3D view of the game inside a virtual baseball stadium. 

Fans can pick different camera angles to watch the game and chat with other online fans using special audio while their virtual characters interact in this digital world.

People who use the Improbable M² network can transfer their avatars and digital items between different virtual worlds. However, in the case of MLB’s virtual ballpark, they haven’t added NFTs yet. 

Narula mentioned that the decision to include NFTs in MLB’s virtual ballpark or any other virtual world is ultimately up to the partners working with Improbable.

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