Miami to Offer NFTs in Collab with Time, Mastercard & Salesforce

Suarez is determined to make Miami a leader in crypto and web3.
Miami to offer NFTs in collab with Time, Mastercard & Salesforce

Mayor Francis X. Suarez of Miami city, announced his future plans to release 5000 ethereum NFTs by collaborating with Time, Mastercard and Salesforce. 

NFTs would be designed by 56 local artists to represent the 56 square mile area of the city. 

The owners of these tokens would have access to Mastercard’s Priceless Miami program, offering experiences, private tours and activities within the city. Additionally the city also plans to execute this project by december later this year upon the ethereum blockchain as soon as the chain moves to proof-of-stake.

Salesforce will control the minting and selling of NFTs with its new cloud platform, which is yet to be launched, that allows brands to mint and sell NFTs.

Magazine publisher Time USA, will act as a strategist for the program as well as execute the project. Time President Keith Grossman stated that the Miami NFT project is TIME’s first step into helping other entities deploy NFT projects.

Grossman further commented, “The artwork will reflect the tremendous diversity represented within the city of Miami.”

Suarez is determined to make Miami a leader in crypto, researching different ways to impose technology in the city’s planning, from advising to allocate some of the city’s treasury reserves to bitcoin for advertising the CityCoins protocols.

“We will continue to employ these new technologies to support our existing businesses while attracting new ones,” commented Suarez.

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