Metamask to Integrate Coinbase Pay For Easy Crypto Purchase

Metamask users can use their existing crypto balance from their Coinbase account and purchase crypto using the payment info saved in their accounts.
Metamask to Integrate Coinbase Pay For Easy Crypto Purchase

The popular cryptocurrency wallet Metamask announced they are integrating Coinbase Pay for making crypto purchase easier within MetaMask.

The Coinbase Pay integration will be deployed to the MetaMask users in the upcoming weeks beginning with the extension. 

MetaMask now becomes Coinbase Pay’s first external wallet integration. This is soon after Coinbase revealed that it’s allowing Web3 developers to integrate its payment platform into their dApps.

With the integration, users can use their Coinbase account’s existing crypto balance to purchase crypto quickly utilizing payment information maintained in their accounts, like bank accounts or debit cards.

Coinbase launched Coinbase Pay in March to give its users more options for adding funds to their wallets. Users can now fund their Coinbase Wallet directly through the Chrome browser extension.

Users had to go through a complicated process of manually sending crypto, logging into numerous dApps, and copying their wallet addresses, all of which made them subject to errors, and Coinbase Pay aims to alleviate the majority of these issues.

Metamask is also working to improve its users’ general Web3 experience. Last month, Metamask partnered with MoonPay to allow users to purchase ETH and other ERC-20 tokens with mainstream payment methods.

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