MetaGods LAND Being Snatched Up At Record Rate

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MetaGods, the 8-bit action RPG game built on blockchain, is continuing its highly successful private and public LAND sales. The MetaGods LAND has so far been purchased by numerous crypto-natives such as gaming guilds, launchpads such as GameFi, special partners like AlturaNFT, and philanthropist and internet celebrity Mr. Beast, to name a few. 

MetaGods is nothing short of astounding, with 85 percent of the LANDs sold during the ongoing private and public sales, even before the game is published to the public. It only goes to show how important it is to develop a community and form alliances with guilds, groups, and KOLs early on in the project.

The MetaGods Discord community has expanded to over 72K members, reflecting the upcoming game’s popularity and gamers’ enthusiasm to begin playing and earning.

Support Beyond Crypto

The involvement of TradFi investors from mainstream markets has been the most significant development in this land sale, indicating a strong rising support and belief in the MetaGods metaverse economy outside of the crypto industry. Since the public sale began, plots of LAND have also been purchased by the broader retail gamer and investor crowd.

The new investors have acquired LAND in MetaGods with the intent of holding it for more than 3 years. Having investors from traditional markets owning a LAND in MetaGods really shows the increasing maturity of the industry, and is a great sign for the longevity of MetaGods.

It’s clear that there is a ton of trust in MetaGods by many stakeholders, investors, and the community. The project has amassed more than enough capital to assure a constant development of the game, and has launched numerous promotions, giveaways, and competitions to give back to the community, thanks to the recent LAND sale.

The Value of LANDs

Although land purchase might on the surface seem as somewhat an uneventful thing. But in reality it’s one of the most important investments one can make in the MetaGods metaverse. An owner of the LAND effectively owns part of MetaGods, allowing the game to be 100% owned by the community and the players. 

The LANDs can be used for accruing resources, constructing buildings for economic and military upgrades, upgrading NFT power and efficiency, as well as offer unique opportunities for gaming guilds to build their own sub-communities and economies on these LANDs.

Loot dropped by a perished player in a battle dungeon goes to the owner of the LAND, and the dungeon owners can adjust various parameters of the dungeon and the dungeon boss to incentivize players to go on missions in their dungeons.

For those interested in owning a part of MetaGods and a piece of a valuable property in the metaverse, the remaining 15% of MetaGods LANDs can still be purchased by anyone. Each day 10 plots can be acquired for 4000 $MGOD or 5 $BNB each. To know more about the land sale, click here.

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