MC Mary Kom Announces the Launch of her NFTs on nOFTEN Marketplace

The Member of Parliament and famed Indian boxer finally catches the NFT bug.
MC Mary Kom Announces the Launch of her NFTs on nOFTEN Marketplace

Indian amateur boxer, MC Mary Kom enters the NFT world via the nOFTEN platform. The platform has announced the launch of a rare collection of NFTs based on the life of Mary Kom.

“nOFTEN is extremely excited to get associated with the legendary Indian boxer MC Mary Kom. We will be instrumental in bringing positive change to sports by leveraging the power of the sports community across the world”, said Constantin Aurin of nOFTEN.

“The first NFT launch of MC Mary Kom, one of India’s greatest athletes, is a momentous step forward.”

Helping sports lovers own a piece of the rare moments of sporting history, Aurin stated that the NFT marketplace, launched on March 21, is also regarded as a haven for celebrities and artists to showcase their works. 

The marketplace houses NFT collections for, apart from Mary Kom, Indian field hockey player Manpreet Singh, Indian professional boxer Vijender Singh, rappers such as The Game and a slew of other celebrities from the Bollywood, music, fashion and sporting industry.

nOFTEN is built on the Etherlite blockchain and further plans to onboard global celebrities and artists. The platform also provides a 10% discount to buyers who use NOF tokens for their purchase.

Surprisingly, the NFT fad, although late, has reached India at last. Recently, Vishal Malhotra announced plans to make India’s first NFT crowdfunded film. On the flip side, Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi just inaugurated his virtual land, Balle Balle Land a few days ago. 

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