Fabian Vogesteller’s Lukso Blockchain introduces Universal Profiles

Manage NFTs, Social Interactions, and Payments in One Profile.
Lukso Blockchain Enhances Ethereum with 'Universal Profiles'

A layer 1 blockchain, Lukso, developers Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez, launched a new beta version of “Universal Profile”. These Profile offer a complete on-chain identity, with a recoverable crypto wallet.

These Universal Profiles have a range of uses, such as managing NFTs, social media interactions, and payments, making it convenient for users to handle all their blockchain activities within a single account, rather than just a wallet.

In comparison to traditional accounts, Lukso Universal Profile provides a recovery option through key managers or smart contracts and also allow users to attach various type of photos or videos for their profile in dapps

The primary aim for Lukso make blockchain more accessible to users by simplifying the process. Users do not need to pay transaction fees (gas) themself. The Foundation for the New Creative Economies allocate gas funds to users and they can select various relay to cover their fees.

Fabian Voglsteller envisions Lukso surpassing Ethereum in the future, but for now, it’s considered an improved version with user-friendly features making blockchain more approachable for mainstream users.

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