Ledger Live Brings Yield Earning Capability via Alkemi Earn

Ledger Live Brings Yield Earning Capability via Alkemi Earn

The hardware wallet maker Ledger has introduced yield earning capability to its users for the first time via an integration with Alkemi Earn.

Ledger Live has integrated with Alkemi Earn, a protocol for lending and borrowing that uses a permitted liquidity pool of digital assets including ether (ETH), wrapped bitcoin (wBTC) and stablecoins.

Thanks to the latest capability, users can now put their cryptos to work on Alkemi’s protocol without compromising on the security of their Ledger wallet.

Ledger live offers users a way of buying and utilizing crypto assets without giving them up to exchanges or other protocols.

An executive of Ledger, JF Rochet, said in a statement, “With Alkemi, Ledger users will have more ways to grow their assets while enjoying all the benefits of crypto without centralized custodians.”

The integration with Alkemi will help Ledger users to earn yield for the first time.

A spokesperson for Alkemi said, “A decentralized exchange (DEX) for swapping tokens or other DeFi functions has existed [previously], but none that provide a yield or return on investment.”

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