Ledger Dropped Genesis Edition of Wallet with POAP NFTs

The special edition contains 10,000 limited devices, which will carry proof-of-attendance inside wallets.
Ledger genesis edition hardware wallet

World’s leading crypto hardware firm, Ledger announced the sale of genesis hardware wallet ‘Ledger Nano S Plus’ with 10,000 limited editions. Each device is available for pre-order at $79.

Along with the sale, the firm also announced a partnership with Ethereum-based Proof-of-Attendance Protocol or POAP, which means every buyer will get a POAP NFT “to commemorate the occasion”.

POAPs are sort of exclusive NFT badges linked with owners’ attendance in special events, celebrations, or occasions in the real or digital world. With the exponential hike in the NFT trend, POAP NFTs are grabbing the attention of many projects.

Ian Rogers, Ledger’s chief experience officer, spoke on the new development, “This partnership with POAP and launch of the Ledger Nano S Plus Genesis Edition at an affordable price marks the acknowledgment that digital assets will only increase as a tool for life experiences, and we want to bring millions more into Web3 securely; as it happens.”

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin also stated the importance of Soulbound NFTs in January, which are the non-transferable NFTs that enable proof-of-achievement.

“Securing and protecting your digital memories, like the POAP you can collect with your Ledger Nano S Plus, is a must for anyone building their lifelong collection,” said Lucas Verra, CEO of POAP. 

The device will be specially carved with genesis POAP NFT, which the user will carry inside the wallet as identification of an exclusive wallet. Also, POAP will enable a special edition of NFTs for upcoming Ledger events in the future.

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