Le Anime Phase-2 By toomuchlag: An Exclusive Preview

Le anime by toomuchlag is a Blend Of Art, Collectible, And Gaming NFT project On Ethereum.

Le Anime Phase 2 by toomuchlag is getting released by late October. In this article, we have revealed details about the project release and explained the interactive NFT project to further help the fans and collectors of toomuchlag.

Stefan Mathez, widely known as toomuchlag, is a London-based multidisciplinary visual artist and director. 

He’s created and released many collections over the last year on all of the major NFT platforms (Nifty Gateway, Superrare, Makersplace, Async Art, Rarible, and others), grossing several million dollars. Just on Nifty Gateway alone nearly $2.3 million was generated. 

His signature style comprises futuristic paintings. toomuchlag explores the contrast between light and gloom, resulting in imagery that is both dystopian and celestial. 

He is a visionary and at the forefront of the NFT technology and its applications, working closely with a very brilliant blockchain developer and creative music producer, in addition to his obvious artistic aptitude (Mauro). This allowed him to make unique pieces and collections, as well as collaborate with other prominent artists and initiatives, such as Artifex, Artvatars, Saylor Siblings, 7Genesis Grant, and more.

Le Anime Phase 1  in short:

“My Journey,” Toomuchlag’s first Nifty collection, was released on March 4th to great praise. The drop featured a 1/1 piece (which Roger Dickerman collected for $60k), two drawings of 25 and 15 pieces, a silent auction of three pieces (totaling $60k), and an open edition (Le Anime, or “the souls” in Italian) priced at $777. It was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s famous 14th-century Italian book “La Divina Commedia.” Le Anime is a part of “My Journey” and it’s approaching Phase2 in which the project will evolve further. 

The Open Edition of 1,573 of Le Anime’s first phase was sold out in 5 minutes and also became one of the highest reselling NFT on Nifty Gateway for nearly 7 months and still is in the top 5 trending collections on the platform.

Though Le anime was an open edition, each individual NFT is linked to a soul NFT by Ethereum smart contracts. Each soul/character has unique traits and attributes, which can be checked on Opensea or in toomuchlag’s Discord server. The varieties can be seen in Skins, ClothesA+B, Extras, Backgrounds, Halos, and Runes. And some ultra rares with unique traits.

Initially, the phase 1 contract was written in a way that the corresponding soul NFTs are tied to the owner of its corresponding Le Anime NFT. So if you own a Le Anime you by default own a soul NFT. So only the main token can be traded, moved, sold, or bought; this one will read ownership information directly from the main token and follow it. 

Buyers have been unable to see their souls since the introduction of Nifty Gateway, as Nifty Gateway is the owner of most of the Le anime, according to the Ethereum blockchain but it’s possible to find out what’s your soul using the following website, or a custom made Chrome extension to see the soul directly on Nifty Gateway.

You can check your Soul NFT here Le Anime– (Click Le anime and enter the number of your Le anime edition to check).

You can find your traits and can discover the rarity of your Le anime Here

The purchasable and tradable NFT is here: https://opensea.io/collection/toomuchlag?search[query]=le%20anime&search[sortAscending]=true&search[sortBy]=PRICE

The various unique elements present in each piece, as well as their variable rarity, would be vital in the following phase, according to toomuchlag. Presently his Le Anime collection is worth more than five times the initial launch price.

To be able to use smart contracts, toomuchlag has already confirmed that phase 2 of his “My Journey” initiative will take place outside of Nifty. Intending to create his universe fully on-chain on ethereum.

Emergence of Phase 2:  

In a brief interview with the Cryptotimes, toomuchlag gave a hint about Phase 2 and how it’s going to take place. Phase 2 is expected to feature the merge and fusion of different Le Anime, to create more unique pieces, boosting scarcity and worth according to experts in the community. As a result, a user can choose a version of their own Le Anime among these infinite possibilities to create a new Hero.

For current Le Anime NFT holders 

The second phase 2 launch is expected to be around late October, in which the contract will allow current Le anime holders to wrap and deposit their NFTs into the new smart contract and get ready to participate in phase 2. You are required to have your NFT in the new contract, and by wrapping you will also be able to deposit your NFTs in one transaction making it gas efficient to reduce costs, of course, you are free to withdraw at any time if you wish to do so.

If you are a holder of Le Anime, once you have wrapped your NFT and deposited in the new contract, for which there will be a new website by toomuchlag, you are ready to experience phase 2.

An option to “Wrap and withdraw” will also be present, to combine Le Anime Open Edition and your Le Anime character/soul NFT into one, which will display the soul and be tradable as one item. Ideally, this function is for NFT traders and is not gas efficient in the preparation of phase 2.

Phase 2 is looking to be highly rewarding for current holders of Le Anime more to follow below.

Process of phase 2 auction:

Since there are only 1573 Le Anime NFTs, toomuchlag is releasing a higher initial supply offering of new NFT tokens for others and new collectors to participate in phase 2, which we’ll call “Spirit.”

His vision is to create a more PFP friendly collectible, for his community to participate in. A blend between an Art, Collectible, and Gaming project, that will allow holders to interactively create their own Hero, using a selection of attributes from their current holdings of Le Anime or Spirits or both, to generate the new NFT.

The auction will take place around late October, although the exact date is yet to be announced, it’s a gas-efficient auction and you will be able to bid multiple amounts of “Spirits” in a single Ethereum transaction. The initial bid for a single spirit is projected to be affordable to allow new collectors and fans to participate and join the project.

The auction will run for a not yet announced duration over the span of a few days, to allow everyone to place their bids and raise them in case they are outbid until the final hour comes and the auction ends. Each person will bid a price per unit, and how many units they want to purchase. At the end of the auction time, the highest bidders for the amount of supply available, will receive their NFTs, and be ready to jump into phase 2.

What’s the Connection between Spirits and Le Anime Phase 1 NFTs?

After a certain period (a week or two), the contract’s second stage will be activated. Users will be able to mix and match spirits and Le Anime, in order to create their own Hero NFTs avatars. Based on a fair calculation between the price of the Spirits and the price of Le Anime, a multiplier will be applied to Le Anime scores, which will reward existing Le Anime holders and create a balance between Le Anime and the Spirits token, in order to enter phase 2 fairly for everyone involved.

For example, Le Anime holders will receive a 5x multiplier to their score based on the attributes. The score is the key element to determine how high rank your Hero can be, and how much you can unlock in phase2.

The score will also have a further role in phase2 that toomuchlag has hinted at but not fully disclosed yet, more info on this is to come soon.

What toomuchlag wants to highlight is that the higher initial supply will really quickly dramatically decrease as the phase2 is all about merging these NFTs to create 1 Hero that is a cumulation of all the scores you hold. So the supply will almost reflect 1 per person and will become scarce immediately after phase2 merging will start.

Holding your Hero with the souls wrapped also means the original holders will never lose their favorite Le Anime original tokens, but also means they will stay super hard to obtain, as they will be locked inside the new Heroes. toomuchlag has also hinted that holding your Hero will carry benefits, that will have to do with the gamification aspect of this incredible project.

Process of Le Anime
expected process of Le Anime Phase2

What are We expecting to create in phase 2?

The second phase gives you a lot of customization options, as you can choose between skins, garments, side objects, backgrounds, halos, runes. You can choose any of them based on what you currently have in your Le Anime or Spirits holding. For example, if my 2 Le Anime had different objects, when combined I can display either one in my Hero NFT.

The final NFT of this phase will have other attributes too, such as rank, experience. The more Spirits or/and Le anime you merge the higher the rank you shall have. Higher rank will give you perks of displaying multiple objects in your NFT, the more you level up the more you can display, etc.

As your ranks will grow higher you will also be allowed to upgrade the ranks of your objects too, upgraded objects will turn into weapons that your avatar will wear in your NFT, and who knows what else these might be useful for in the future of this incredible project by toomuchlag.

There will also be custom collaborations parts, for example, a limited edition background if you have certain tokens from other artists or from other toomuchlag NFTs such as previous limited editions, early minted 1/1s, and so on. These will merge into your Hero and create an even more unique identification into the NFT. 

As your ranks will grow your character will change, it will become more epic with different poses and more, the details of that are yet to be revealed. 

There is almost no limit on how many Spirits or the Le Anime you can add to upgrade, you can add multiple spirits to a Hero to increase its score or multiple Le Anime, creating a huge pool of possibilities of outcomes. It is possible that what you may create surprises for the artist himself since it’s upon you what you create.

All the traits of this NFT series are stored on-chain on Ethereum, as CryptoPunks, removing all possibilities of manipulations, giving a fair playground to the community, and everlasting longevity to the project.

Future possibilities 

The artist has informed CryptoTImes that most likely all his minted NFT works one way or another will play a role in Le Anime project and story, and his universe will revolve around it, as he gave few hints that his previous NFT collections, on Nifty Gateway and other platforms, as his other single editions will have a significant impact on the storyline of your character, so you can have an advantage over others if you hold any other NFTs that are released by him.

He also added that the project is built to be extendable and buildable upon plus many cool new features, so you never know what you might see your Hero avatar holding in the future. 

“The L.A.B.”

His most recent release is “The L.A.B.” NFT on SuperRare. This NFT is in itself a unique discovery to the NFT world, as this NFT is part of a real-time in-browser playable game built by toomuchlag. The buyer of the NFT will be the one to open the Lab and begin phase 2.

Earlier in his NFTs, he had provided hints of the Lab in some ancient language, that in the storyline the hero is looking for a L.A.B, in this NFT the hero finds out the LAB’s location.

This NFT is the key to the story ahead. it says that “it had to be somewhere, buried beneath a stone castle and lulled into an eternal slumber.” The location of the L.A.B. has been discovered. The adventure is still going on. The owner of “The Lab” NFT might have extra roles or benefits for the upcoming developments of the Le Anime project and by the looks of it, metaverse or games that have to come.

We heartily thank toomuchlag for his immense patience and coordination for this article to finish gracefully. We further thank him for revealing details about “Le Anime Phase 2” with Cryptotimes.

Not to post any spoilers but there’s a hint in the article if discovered can give you the advantage to create a rare hero with a higher rank and experience points.

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