Law Firm Holland and Knight Serves Defendant with NFT

Law Firm Holland and Knight Serves Defendant with NFT

International law firm Holland and Knight served a temporary restraining order to a defendant in a hacking case via a NFT, becoming the first to do so.

The “service NFT” was served to an anonymous defendant who is responsible for the theft of almost $8 million dollars from LCX, a Liechtenstein based fintech company.

The method was approved by the New York Supreme Court and ‘is an example of how innovation can provide legitimacy and transparency to a market that some believe is ungovernable,’ said LCX.

LCX was the target of a hack back in January wherein $7.94 million worth of digital assets, including Ether, USD coin, Sandbox and more were stolen.

The money was stolen from one of the hot wallets of the exchange. Since then, LCX has been able to identify the addresses of the hacker’s wallets.

LCX has been working closely with law enforcement in Liechtenstein, Ireland, Spain, and the United States of America to trace the money.

Currently, $1.3 million USDC is frozen at the Centre Consortium, and 500 ETH at Coinbase Europe.

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