LastPass Hacker Continues To Drain Crypto From Victims

LastPass Hack Continues to Drain Crypto From Victims

The security breach affecting LastPass since last year continues to impact its users.

On October 25, over 25 individuals suffered losses totaling approximately $4.4 million in a single day due to a vulnerability in LastPass’s password system.

The LastPass hack enabled unauthorized access to user accounts, resulting in major crypto losses for owners who stored wallet keys within the app.

The hackers specifically targeted seed phrases and keys, indicating cryptocurrency theft as their primary goal.

Additionally, there is a concerning similarity among the profiles of victims affected so far this year.

Most of the profiles targeted are deeply involved in crypto, including employees of crypto firms, investors, DeFi developers, and smart contract developers.

LastPass is a widely used password manager designed to secure login credentials. A ‘LastPass Hack’ refers to a breach where hackers gain access to sensitive information stored in a user’s LastPass account.

Earlier this year, several users reported losing large sums from their cryptocurrency wallets, which were linked to their use of LastPass.

The US District Court of Massachusetts also filed a lawsuit against the company in January for failing to protect user data adequately.

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