KuCoin CEO to launch ‘Anti-FUD Fund’ to Address Insolvency FUD

KuCoin will implement Anti-FUD education online and offline to educate people about FUDs and help them to stay away from them.
KuCoin CEO to launch ‘Anti-FUD Fund’ to address insolvency FUD

Nothing dreads crypto investors more than FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and to counter the recent insolvency fears, KuCoin will launch an Anti-FUD Fund. On Tuesday, KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said that FUDs mislead investors and harm the industry’s image and market’s confidence.

The announcement comes after KuCoin tokens suffered a price fall amid insolvency rumours. The decision is considered in order to create a FUD-less crypto space.

So how does Anti-FUD unfold itself?

Firstly, the crypto exchange KuCoin will implement Anti-FUD education online and offline. The firm will leverage the global community of the fund in over 20 languages to offer knowledge pertaining to the term and that entails what is FUD and how to distinguish it among other things.

Not just this, through this fund motivated and acclaimed industry pioneers and responsible influencers will deliver trusted information to their audiences, and help them stay away from FUD.

Lastly, Kucoin will work towards effectively detecting FUDers who intentionally spread FUD and rumours and will take legal actions against these miscreants if required.

Johnny concluded his threat saying, “the spread of FUD and panic harms projects, users, and the industry”. He added that such actions must be held to account.

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