Justin Sun Talks About Digital Solutions at MC12

Justin Sun talks about Digital Solutions at MC12

Tron founder Justin Sun led the Grenada delegation at the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) and talked about digital solutions.

Sun played a key role amid the whole debating and discussing procedure at the Geneva forum.

Sun brought up many valuable ideas at the forum regarding digital economy and digital transformation for a small island developing state (SIDS) such as Grenada.

He talked about how problems of poverty alleviation, environmental protection, climate change and efficient attribution of food supply to some poorest countries could be connected and solved with a blockchain and digital approach.

He also talked about closing the digital divide among countries, which may lead to higher levels of investment in infrastructure, modernization of the legal and regulatory framework and training and capacity building among others.

He emphasised the role of blockchain technologies and extended his and Grenada’s support to the WTO’s Work Programme on E-Commerce.

He also addressed the impact of the current COVID-19 vaccine inequity. 

Justin Sun decided to leave the crypto world and become the WTO ambassador for Grenada in December of last year. Based on his past experience and expertise on the forum Sun said that the “digitalized economy and social lifestyle may ease the pains by COVID 19 and UKRAINE war.”

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