Julian Assange to Hit back at the US Legal System Using $53M Funds

Assange will deal the legal blow by using AssangeDAO’s $53 million raised capital as a last-ditch attempt to fight for his freedom.
Julian Assange to Hit back at the Legal System Using $53M Funds

The AssangeDAO’s successful fundraising campaign that gathered $53 million to win a bid on Pak x Julian Assange’s “Clock” NFT will now serve its greater purpose. These donations to support Julian Assange’s fight for freedom will now be used as a weapon to hit back at the corrupt legal system in the US.

Gabriel Shipton, brother of Julian Assange, also spoke up to confirm the move, saying, “Julian will be able to bring more offensive legal proceedings using these funds in different territories where the irregularities and government corruption have been.” The statement has been tweeted via AssangeDAO.

Note that the raised capital of $53 million was used to win the “Clock NFT Auction”. The amount was then transferred to the non-profit Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation, dedicated to supporting Julian Assange in his legal battle.

In April, Wau Holland transferred $1.8 million to the Australian Assange Campaign to support them continue their work defending Julian Assange and his human rights. Though there are no statements from Wau Holland in response to the recent tweet from AssangeDAO, it has all the remaining funds, hence everybody awaits Wau’s involvement as well.

The move is very significant in Assange’s legal battle as he could face a life sentence for espionage which can put him behind the bars for up to 175 years.

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