Johnny Depp’s New NFT Hints at his Daughter Lily-Rose’s Silence

Johnny Depp’s New NFT Hints at his Daughter Lily-Rose’s Silence

After winning the controversial defamation suit, Johnny Depp is now calling out his daughter Lily-Rose Depp’s silence all throughout the trial with his latest NFT, as reports suggest. 

Lily Rose had kept mum throughout the trial, Johnny will address her ‘no reaction’ in a collection of images from his NFT project Never Fear Truth. The NFT collection had recently seen a spike after he won the case.

The NFT from his Never Fear Truth collection consists of a portrait of the model and actress with the phrase ‘Silence, exile, cunning’ written across her face.

These words are from James Joyce’s ‘A Portrait of the Artist’ and Johnny also has the words tattooed on his forearm. Another image reads, “Words become feeble”.

Lily-Rose was publically trolled and harassed online for not supporting Johnny Depp publicly during the scandalous trial.

After launching ‘Never Fear Truth’ earlier this year, Johnny commented, “I’ve always used art to communicate my sentiments and to reflect on those who matter most to me, like my family, friends, and people I admire”.

He further said that he is hoping to form a new friendship group around these NFTs and that his engagement with the NFT space is only getting started.

Seems like the trial has opened quite a ‘jar of dirt’!

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